Thursday, January 24, 2008

Because thats how things go around here...

Nikki got her stitches out Monday night and I had dreams of, well...leaving the house on Tuesday. Nothing too exciting, just getting the hell out of here. But wouldn't you know it, Storm Watch 2008 is here again and we're going to have rain all week. At first it was just two days, but then within one newscast it spanned the entire week. Apparently some cold front from Canada or wherever doesn't give a rats butt that I have been stuck home with a 2 yr old for an entire week already. We have play'doh-ed, markered, played trains, did puzzles...we are out of stuff to keep us occupied.

And I'm tired. Ryan got off track with his sleep schedule and started waking up at 4:30 again. THAT IS JUST WRONG. And as a friend told me, 4:30 still feels like the middle of the night. Yes it does. Now, I stepped up to the plate and tightened up the schedule. Bed at 6:45 and he woke up at 6:15. Call me mommy rockstar, except it only worked that one night. We are back to 5:00am wake ups...yuck. Did you ever notice once you master something, something else is waiting in the wings to bite you in the ass???

Then today I was super excited because we had a coffee playdate...til I looked at the calendar and realized its tomorrow. Well, its only about 25 hrs away so I have something to look forward to. I did manage to go to the gym yesterday while my mother in law watched Ryan. I was hooked on Oprah and decided to just walk on the treadmill for an hour. It has been weeks since I stepped foot on the ellyptical and I just couldn't do it. One of hour of good solid walking is still good, and I think I burned about 250 calories...except the guy next to me who had been running burned over 900. I just cannot imagine that. And do you want to know the sad thing I was thinking, other than I hate you? I thought, man, he can totally go through a drive thru and not feel guilty!!! Yes, I dream of french fries on the treadmill.

And just to make my day a little more anxiety filled, Ryan decided to play with hydrocortizone while Ethan was in the shower. He thinks anything in a tube is soap, so he covers his hands, then wipes his cheeks and hair. There was none on his lips at all when Ethan caught him, but I still had that panic i call poison control? Because he is my kid and I know what he does, and since there was none around his mouth, and also knowing he can't get anything in his mouth without wiping it all over the area i knew he was ok...but still. SCARY.


LizzieFish said...

we're rainbound can make you CRAZY!!! have so much fun on your coffee playdate!!! =)

Maria said...

I not only dream about fries but double quarter pounders w/cheese (who gets it w/o?) while on the treadmill... ;-)