Friday, January 30, 2009

The GD

Wednesday I got the call that I failed the 3 hr glucose and have gestational diabetes. Before the shock and worry could take over I was ANGRY. It took them 9 days to let me know. The last time it took 2 days. I was there on a Monday and heard them tell another patient the doctor would have results by Wednesday but could call early if they wanted and sometimes they are done. 9 freakin days. Ofcourse since I didn't hear anything I assumed I passed.

All the girl tells me from my doctor's office is that my levels are still high and that she is referring me to a nutritionist in another city. I'm pretty sure there are nutritionists in that city or hey, even the city I actually live in but whatever. About 10 mins later I get the call from the program. She is all full of information, says I need to get in ASAP, I'm already 30 wks blah blah blah. Then she wants to confirm my insurance info which is wrong. They had me on Medi-Cal. I told her no, I have Blue Cross. She asks if I'm sure. I'm sure. Then came the junk about needing an authorization because its an HMO so I get scheduled for Feb 9th. Apparently its not such a rush after all if I don't have state paid for insurance. Um...ok. So now I have to meet with a nutritionist and nurse for about 2 hrs on my initial visit. I didn't even ask how long my other "visits" are going to be because I don't want to know.

I did some research on the net (diabetes organizations, mayo clinic and web md) and they all said the same thing. Basically its sounds like modifiying my diet and checking my blood up to 4x a day. Not too excited about that. Diabetes does run in my family, but GD is different. A lot of people that get it have no family history and it doesn't have anything to do with their weight. There is no real explanation of why it happens to someone only during pregnacy. Either I''m not producing enough insulin or my body isn't processing what I do produce correctly.

I can manage the diet and checking my blood. Since I do not plan on having another child I don't have to worry about the stats that say it would most likely happen to me again. There is a greater chance for me to develop it as I get older, but with the family history I have you would never know what really caused it. A positive is that from what I read I will not be allowed to go past my due date, but a negative is that I will most likely be induced. I've done that before and know what to expect but wanted to see what happens when you actually go into labor on your own. Oh well.

The scary things are that the baby will have to be monitored after birth, and Ethan does not do well with people taking blood from his little baby. Ryan had it done 3 days in a row because of jaundice and Ethan had to leave the room. That means he left me with a screaming infant when all I wanted to do was scream myself. Ethan said he thought he was going to punch the person that was making his baby cry--cute--but I needed help. There is the possibility that the baby will need sugar water either from a bottle or IV. The IV would suck. I know getting a bottle that early could cause problems with nursing, but his health is way more important than that. He needs to be able to maintain a normal blood sugar on his own, just light maintaining weight and temperature. Plus, I had problems with Ryan and only lasted a month anyway and I think I am finally over the guilt of not exclusively breastfeeding. If this is a 100% formula fed baby, so be it. Hopefully baby's sugar levels will be normal on the first try and we won't need to deal with any of that, but they are possibilities I need to be ready for. There is also the possibility of him having to go to the nursery for monitoring and that would just make me sad.

I was trying to explain all of this to Ethan and as soon as he heard the baby needed blood taken and possibly an IV he flipped out and accused me of giving our baby diabetes. Needless to say the discussion ended there and I didn't speak to him til the next day. How dare he? I forwarded him all the research I had to prove to him that this is nothing I did on purpose but by the way, thanks for making me feel like crap. Love ya.

Now it all seems to have sunk in and I see my doctor on the 5th. Hopefully I'll get more concrete info then. **this just in, my mom called to tell me that the hospital they are sending me to is a Kaiser hospital and I don't have Kaiser. honestly...

Monday, January 26, 2009

a new possibility

We might have a middle name for baby Luke! Hey he's gonna have to sleep in a box but at least he'll have a name :) Maybe. Why is this so difficult?

I cannot even describe to you how difficult it is to deal with Ethan about names. Not only does he just say he hates a name I suggest, he says things like "that makes me want to throw up." Kind hearted man. So, he has all these rules in his head about what he likes and what he doesn't, and just like with Ryan, I gave up suggesting names because after about 50 I had nothing left. He says things like: thats too trendy or it reminds him of a TV show or someone he knew in elementary school or...the list goes on. I respect that if it has a negative connotation from someone you once knew--I am that way since I taught for 2 yrs and was in an an educational setting for years before that, there are certain names that are ruined for me because of one child's behavior.

Luke started out as a joke for Ryan calling the baby Luke Skywalker. Then Ethan said he actually like the name and since I didn't hate it, it made the list of names which had exactly 1 name on it. Ethan has not found anything he likes better so at this point I believe its a given. It began time to tackle the middle name recently. Because Ryan's middle name (Anthony) is after my grandfather I thought Luke should have some type of familial name as well. I think I have mentioned the terrible names on Ethan's side of the family--both sides. I am left to slim pickings as well since the Portuguese tend to name all their boys the same. The list is small and are most likely too ethnic for a blonde little boy with our last name to pull off. It doesn't get much better on my mom's side. For some reason they are into one syllable names, things like Roy, and that just doesn't go. I suggested Edward, since that is my dad's name (and my brother's). Ethan was not thrilled, but didn't totally say no.

In a last ditch effort I e-mailed his sister's to see if they could think of any family names. I like Edward, but felt bad that Ethan's side wasn't represented. His sister sent me a list and so did his mom. We also have issues with names that end in "er" since our last name does. And, we didn't want anything biblical since Luke is part of the gospels already. Maxwell was on the list and it got a thumbs up from both of us. We wanted to check to make sure this Maxwell guy wasn't a weirdo or anything. Turns out its a maiden name about 10 generations back. So, nothing recent, but still a good solid name. Now we (Ethan) just need to decide if its "family" enough. We did find a Luke about 4 generations back. I haven't mentioned the name to anyone else yet because if they hate it I don't want to know. My grandma already told me she hates the name Luke so that rocks :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

R U Kidding Me x 2

1) Ryan pooped in the potty Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Fantastic! There were occasional pee pees as well. Instead of Ethan taking away the Wii it happened on its own. He was running around naked and then told daddy he had to go potty. Ok, easy enough. So, the naked thing worked. Then it continued the rest of the weekend. We were all excited and told him how proud we were. Ethan was a champ and took him to the potty every time he said he had to go--and there were a lot of false alarms. There was a talk about "breaking the rules" and pooping in a pull up is breaking the rules. Anyone want to tell me why as soon as daddy went to work on Tuesday we regressed? I think my child hates me. You cannot take away 3 days of not changing a poopy diaper and then do that. Worst of all he went into his playroom and closed the door so he totally plans it. UG. The frustration mounts...

2) BRU shipping. I ordered wallpaper border for the baby's room because it took a long time and a lot of money for us to do the chair rail in Ryan's nursery. ALOT. My mom sister and I painted so all Ethan had to do was the rail. This time Ethan has to paint the bottom half of the wall and touch up any areas at the top, so I figured painting the rail and doing all the cutting on the miter saw and installing would take forever...and we have about 10 wks. I found a safari border that is almost exactly identical to the crib bedding I got at Target. Apparently its the same company sold under a different name at BRU and they charge way more. Lovin the internet. Anyway, I ordered 2 rolls for $40 and then ordered the matching wall hangings. The wall hangings are fabric squares, 9x12 inches. They are small, but cute. Why did BRU want to charge me $18 for shipping ground? Talk about being ripped off. Two small rolls of wall paper border and 4 fabric squares. Pah-leez. Sad thing is I had to pay it because they don't carry those items in the store (ofcourse). When I checked Amazon to see if they had it for free shipping because I am a loyal Amazon customer they didn't have it. SAD.

Crockpot note: I used one of the recipes from the blog Kalyn posted. I love lemon rosemary chicken, especially at Johnny Carinos. I used chicken breasts instead of a whole chicken because the thought of touching a whole chicken (inside and out) made me want to puke. So, I added chicken broth like she suggested, and cut down the lemon to 1 and used dried rosemary because that is what I had. It made the house smell yummy, but I thought it had way too much rosemary. That stuff is pretty potent. It said 2-3T and I think I used 2. On the other hand, Ethan said the rosemary was fine but it was way too much lemon for him. Nice experiment. At first he said he would eat it again, then I noticed his plate still had a lot left and he confessed he really didn't want it again. Oh well. I never thought you could put uncooked chicken in the crockpot so I'm excited to try something with bbq sauce because the chicken was so tender. I bought all the ingredients to try her broccoli beef...I'm going to try that this weekend and I'll let you know.

Monday, January 19, 2009

rhogam, crib dramarama and 3hr glucose

I can't remember if I mentioned this or not, but I had the rhogam a while back and it was a major process. I might have mentioned it....hhmmm....I'm only thinking of it again because of the glucose I did today. Anyway, it was a huge ordeal, or a "procedure" as they liked to call it. I had to go to the hospital, stop by the lab because I had the blood drawn the day before, then two OB nurses came down to "escort" me to labor and delivery. No joke. I did mention that hello I was not in labor, just there for a shot. I actually was put in a L&D room for the shot. Crazy!

Cribs! We finally got the voucher for the recall so after our 3d/4d on Saturday (pictures up on the other blog we headed over to BRU. My mom and sister were with us so they could wrangle Ryan, who was surprisingly ok at the ultrasound. Crib have gone up in the last 3 yrs! Not just by a little, but by a lot. We paid $199 for a pretty decent crib (not counting the recall, LOL). It was by no means bottom of the line. That price point pretty much doesn't exist anymore, nor do cherry stained cribs. I don't have to be matchy matchy (already been there done that) but I wanted something close. I walked around in a daze. Why is everything $400? We didn't want a convertible crib. The added expense of the rails which according to the guy are anywhere from $80-150 just didn't seem worth it, plus I'm not sure a full/queen bed will actually fit into the room and leave a kid any room to breathe. Most of the upstairs bedrooms are 10x10 or 11x11. Then you add in the cost of a queen matress....not necesarry right now. We're hoping #2 stays in the crib for at least 2 yrs (and if he chooses to stay in longer like Ryan that gets a big high five from us) plus Ryan's bottom bunk is on wheels and not attached to the top so we already have another twin bed if Ryan wants to start sleeping at the top. See...I've been thinking :)

Anyway, there was just nothing so Sunday we headed to a town in the other direction. They had a cheaply made crib that looked like it would fall apart at any moment, and only came in white. We were getting desperate and white is ok, though I tend to think it more girly, but this white didn't seem as cute as the other white cribs. Then we found one in antique maple but the guy told me those were recalled, but not the white ones. Excuse me? So, do we have some chemical issues with the stain? And, note to stores: if an item is recalled you should put it on the tag so instead of saying this crib comes in antique maple and white CROSS OUT THE ANTIQUE MAPLE. I do not need two recalled cribs. At this point I wanted to cry. Ethan was ready to get a white crib and run because BRU makes him nervous--too many preggos. In his favor, this was the second day in a row we had been to a BRU. I just couldn't believe we could not find one crib for under $300 that was not convertible and had a type of dark stain. I walked up and down the same aisles again, and just when I heard a sigh from Ethan I found it. Here it is:

Its a coffee stain and not cherry which is fine. It is technically a convertible because it does convert to a day bed, but we didnt buy the extra rails to make it a full sized bed. They had to order it, which now makes me a bit nervous since it is out of stock online. If I get a call tomorrow that they don't have it I might have a fit! I was so nervous when Ethan took the tag up to the guy, waiting for him to say "we have it in natural wood but not coffee stain." Cross your fingers that in 7-14 days we have a crib.

The 3 hr glucose was today and it was terrible. I almost had to quit an hour into it because I was feeling terrible. The room was so hot, and I just felt blah. I got only about 2 hrs sleep last night and was just not in the mood. When I asked to sit outside they said I could lay in another room which made everything OK. I watched Pride and Prejudice on my sister's portable dvd and just tried to keep busy. The funny thing was that the only bed they had was in the room where they draw the blood so eventhough they put a curtain around me people could see me laying there and probably thought I was a weirdo. Anyway, its done and after lunch and a nap I am feeling better from my depletion of blood and minerals.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Anna tagged me and pregnant photo for Flynn

I still have not mastered putting comments under photos, but its obvious which is my 4th folder/4th picture photo and me pregnant. That was taken at 22 wks in the same exact outfit I took a picture in at 22 wks with Ryan. Will I post them both? Hell no. Just believe me that I am obviously bigger. Also, if possible, ignore the outfit. It was the "after work" outfit, and I was all about comfort. I would not have worn that out in public. The fact that I still have the sweats is remarkable, and why did I keep a radioactive maternity t-shirt? And, the picture is 4 wks old. Use your imagination.

As for the 4th folder/photo, I believe that is my brother's graduation from the academy and that was a guest speaker. I did not take that photo, but a lot of them turned out blury inside the theater.**

Tomorow is our 3d/4d ultrasound so I'll have some pics to show. I have some other great ones from the other ultrasound but I need to photoshop some info off the top and I am not great with that yet. Ethan is watching a guy movie so it looks like its a night of HGTV for me!

**So, when I go through my photo directories on my own it comes up in a different order than when I am trying to post from here. Very strange. So, this photo was at a playdate at Beth's house on June 15, 2006. That is Ryan's head to the right. Liz and Kalyn were there that day too!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sort of compliments, randomness and I'm freakin huge

Ryan went back to preschool last week, and as I was standing outside to pick him up one of the mom's I've talked to a few times asked in a whispered voice if I was pregnant. I told her yes, and honestly people, it is SOOOOO obvious and has been for a while. She explained that she didn't want to assume and she hadn't seen me in a while. That's true, they were off the entire month of November and only went two weeks in December. Now, technically I was pregnant the first day he went to preschool but only Ethan and I knew then, and that was only for about a week. Then she went on to say she thought I had gained a little weight but figured with the holidays that was probably it, and admitted she is not a small girl and had put on some weight lately and she didn't want to offend me by asking and then being wrong. Totally. I've been a witness to such a conversation and its nasty. Then she said sometimes she would see me and I looked pregnant and other times not...and really that was true for a while. Maternity clothes make you look pregnant, other stuff not so much. And, she sees me at 8:30am, usually in yoga pants and a sweatshirt when I drop him off. Occasionally I am put together enough for jeans, you just never know. So, when I told her I was 6.5 months alone she about died and said I had hid it really well. Hiding it was not the object, but it made me feel good to know at least a few weeks ago I was looking OK. NOW..well, now its just plain ol' obvious and she even said no amount of Christmas cookies gives you a basketball belly like that. True dat.

Then Ethan said a semi nice thing about my size. His co-worker asked when I was due and responded with the usual "wow thats not far away at all"....ok, yes we know, please stop telling us how soon it will be. WE ARE NOT READY. WE HAVE NO CRIB. THE ROOM IS NOT PAINTED AND ITS FULL OF BOXES THAT GO ANYWHERE BUT IT IN THERE. A total 180 from when I was pregnant with Ryan. Anyway, the lady asked if I was showing and he said "a little." I love him. Be jealous ladies :)

We had sun yesterday and it was about 65 degrees so we went to the park near our house. First time visit to that park. Its ok, but I miss the two parks by our old house. Two older men were sitting on a bench watching their grandchildren play (one was supposedly 4.5 but looked 10) and the man offered me his bench. I told him I was fine and needed to stand for a while. Then he said "so you're having another boy." What? I said yes, and he told me he had picked the gender of all of his grandchildren correctly 100%. That is kinda cool. I think he had 6 grandkids. Creepy but neat.

And I'm huge. If my scale is correct I weight what I weighed the day I had Ryan...and I have 12 more weeks. Holy you know what. I did start 10 over so I haven't gained the same amount YET, but its happening. Thankfully Ethan told me he put on a few pounds over the holidays and I think if I am a little more careful I won't weight more than him. Oh please...I don't want to weigh more than him. Oh...I failed the glucose. 3 hr test on Friday and I'm not allowed to leave. That sucks.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Thanks for all the support after Sunday's 3 yr old bipolar meltdowns. Monday was much better with only 1 timeout! It was a pretty good time out though and took all my strength to get him to the stairs because he wouldn't go on his come on Jon and Kate Plus 8 they say "go to the corner" and the kid goes? Not mine.

When we were walking through the blue store on Sunday I noticed lots of people wearing pj bottoms and slippers. Ethan must have noticed them at the same time because he commented at the same time I was thinking of a blog post in my head about how I would promise you I will never wear pj bottoms and slippers to a store--ever. Especially slippers. Please. Throw on a flip flop.

I think I forgot to mention that last week my dog ate a plastic tiara (yes it was mine) then the next day chewed the wood moulding around the laundry room door when I put her in there for 2 hrs so I could leave the house without picking up every single thing on the floor and off the counter. After this we realized we hadn't been giving her the prozac since we moved. We just totally forgot. So, it appears it has been working...

I am in the process of starting a new blog on wordpress because this has turned more into a ME blog than a family blog, and I'm totally ok with that. I didn't want to change the name or address, but I also didn't want to link to the new blog because family members don't know about this one and they will the new one. I like that I can write about family stuff and not worry about offending anyone. Sometimes I need to vent and its not appropriate for them to see. So, once that gets up and running I'll give you the address if you want to keep track of Ryan and baby #2 stuff. I decided a shared blog would be much easier than keeping up two separate accounts. As it is, I hardly update Ryan's. The blog will be much easier for me and I'm all about easy!

More Target love: clearance video monitor $69! And some love for JC Penney clearance=$1.87 baby clothes...yipee!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Supernanny are you busy?

We could use a little help over here. Ryan had a disasterous afternoon, the only thing good about it was that Ethan was here to witness it. We are starting to have nap issues, and I'm in total prayer mode--I am not ready to give up naps. I know, he should still do an hour in his room of quiet time, but really, I want naps. I need naptime. If he does not nap we have to move up bedtime which in most cases means Ethan won't be here and I do not have the energy to get him in and out of the bath and put to bed. He actually did sleep today but I don't let him sleep past 3:30 so I woke him up and he was in a yucky mood.

Ethan got home soon after so we could go run some errands. He gave Ethan the hardest time about getting dressed (yes he was still in pjs...don't judge). He ran from him, which was a game at first, but then Ethan got irritated. I wanted to scream "SEE, SEE WHAT I MEAN? TRY DOING THIS WHEN YOU ARE 5 MIN LATE FOR PRESCHOOL--oh, and pregnant")

Our first stop was the blue store, sorry ladies. Red store didn't have the mats that go under area rugs, I already looked there and Ethan said we had to get them today because our chairs are scratching the wood floors. Ryan was ok, til the end. Ethan was in line so I took him outside to the garden area, then to look at leftover Christmas stuff, then he decided to do his own thing and when I told him to come back he screamed so everyone could hear that he was NOT doing what I said...I looked in Ethan's direction with the "told you so" look and was just embarassed that I couldn't control my 3 yr old, nor could I run to catch him. I could just see the headlines, 'pregnant lady running after bipolar 3 yr old falls on the floor of walmart' thanks.

Then we were off to the grocery store. Ryan told us he didn't want to go and really we should have listened. He was grabbing apples to weigh them, then dropping them wherever. When I asked him to help me get some apples he didn't want anything to do with that. He wanted every apple but the kind we actually like (Fuji and Granny Smith if you are interested). Then I had just about enough and grabbed him kicking and screaming and took him over to the plant/balloon area where no one ever is and gave him some lecture, I can't even remember, then daddy showed up. Finally we got some apples...then it was just a mess down every other aisle and I remember Ethan asking me "why are you in a hurry" when I asked why we were going down an aisle we didn't need anything from and I said "yes, when i'm with him, always yes." There was another meltdown when I stopped the cart Ryan was pushing from running into a tortilla display and he kicked me...super fun. Ethan was all over that and I was just beside myself. Whose kid is this?

We got home, he asked to play with his toys, I made dinner and everything was fine. Freakin bipolar 3 yr old. Seriously. And now #2 is beating me up from the inside. Hoping for a better tomorrow :)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

I heart Target :)

So, if Liz is reading this she is saying "DUH." This is a NEW love for Target. I have said before I enjoy shopping there much more than that place that Liz and Judy hate, but there are times I can't go, like when I have Ryan. Why didn't I remember that Monday? Anyway, today I had to go get more blood taken (I think we are on 11 vials so far) at the hospital which is about 20 minutes away, and they happen to have a brand new Target right across the street. I had time to kill before picking Ryan up from school so I went. And as it happens, I have to go back tomorrow to get my Rhogam shot so I might be stopping in again...poor Ethan, don't open the credit card bill...I love you...

I had decided on a safari/jungle animal theme for the nursery. The problem was that everything was about $200. I got suckered into that the first time and we had the bumper in exactly 5 months and never used the quilt. So, the dust ruffle and sheet got a good 3 yrs of use, but thats it. Also, I noticed all of these "sets" came with a diaper stacker which I don't want or need since I have baskets that fit perfectly in the changing table and a valance. The window is way too big for the size that comes in the set, and we have nice thick blinds with decorative moulding at the top. No need to cover it. I seriously had a list of about 30 sets that I liked, but just couldn't make myself buy any of them at that price, even if we try to sell our frog set on E-bay. I had been eyeing a set at Target that was $69.99. I thought it was cute, but just wasn't ready to purchase.

Today, I was ready to purchase. Who got the last set on clearance for $49.99???? ME!!! As my mom said when I called her "i bet you like it a lot more now." Yes, yes I do. The changing pad cover, sheet, dust ruffle and extra blanket were also on clearance. Yipee. I think I got everything for less than $100. Ethan would be proud....if he wasn't already thinking we could just re-use the old bedding. I like the old bedding, I'm just OVER blue. OVER. Especially with Ryan's new room screaming blue at me everytime I walk in there. This is tan and green.

Then, oh my, the children's clearance area. I found matching sweaters for the boys for Christmas! I know. $8 each. I thought it was going to be hard to find some matching stuff so I jumped at the 4T and 12 m, and just around the corner, two more sweaters that matched. It was hard to contain myself. I also got a Star Wars onesie that Ethan is going to love, and some other random stuff. Plus, clearance infant wear for my friend who is having a boy. A sleeper for $1.50. Please. I spent less than a brand new $200 bedding set, and got an entire bedding set, clothes clothes clothes for the kids, 2 new folding hampers, 7th generation dishwashing liquid, and hangers for Ryan.

Target also gets a shout out because I lost the receipt for his bedrail that wouldn't fit and when I told her I knew the day, and even approximately the time I bought it she said if I used my credit card she could find it and she did. Just awesome.

Ryan has a friend coming over in an hour so I need to clean up.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Feeling it

After 5 days off Ethan is back at work today and Ryan is...well...being a brat. He threw a nice little fit at Target where I just wanted to walk away from him and pretend he wasn't mine. Ethan takes him on errands all the time and has no problems. I ended up bribing him with candy, and then french fries, but the bad behavior continued once we got home. He wanted to play Wii and it was nap time so we had another round of crying and threatening and I'm just exhausted from the whole ordeal. I only had to buy 3 things, it was not a monumental shopping trip at all (though there was a stop at the 75% off christmas stuff but nothing good). They are getting in some new furniture/decorator stuff that was where the Christmas stuff was and its CUTE. Ofcourse, not my colors since Ethan wants to leave the red wall in the family room. That ofcourse makes no sense to you because I haven't posted any pictures of my house :)

I'm also feeling the pregnancy. The last week has been hard. I remember telling someone 20-30 wks is the best part, but after that its down hill. I agree still, but let's move it to 27 wks instead. Getting up off the floor is harder, and I'm pretty sure Ryan knows I'm tired so he is working every angle in his 3 yr old brain. We had some nights where he slept through til at least 5 (which I will take) but then a few nights where he comes in around 1 and wants to sleep with us. I have to escort him back to his room (no he does not go quietly) and then I sit/lay with him for a few minutes. It just boggles my mind how some nights are fine and others are not so fine. I cannot even go into the lack of potty training that is happening over here.

Saturday night my grandma was admitted to the hospital. There is some confusion as to what is happening. She has bronchitis and a UTI, but her lungs are clear. They have stopped the chemo pills for now and there is the possibility of a blood clot. I'm not sure if these are common side effects of chemo or if this is just something else. My aunt and grandma live together, they are both on chemo...sometimes it just seems like too much, which is me being selfish because they are the ones going through it, not me. I do feel selfish in that a part of me doesn't even want to deal with this. She is my only grandparent left, the one I was always closest to. 4 days before I was scheduled to be induced with Ryan my grandfather died and I have that "not again" feeling. Again, selfish but I haven't truly grieved for that. I was so in my own new mom world and just surviving that I couldn't process anything else. And I feel sad for my brother because he only ever knew two of his grandparents.

Ok, enough of that. I have to make a lasagna for a friend from play group. They set up "meals for moms" when someone has a baby. Isn't that nice?