Thursday, May 31, 2007


So, why don't I know the appropriate plural for fly? I should know. I have a freakin English degree. I know the plural of cul de sac (btw its culs de sac). Anyway, flys (or flies) ARE DRIVING ME CRAZY. In the past two weeks Ryan has learned to open every door in this house. We have put the child safety locks on all the major doors, but nothing has worked for the sliding door to the backyard. Now, I don't mind he wants to go outside and play. I like hanging out there with a book and watching him play in the sandbox or play with water. HE LOVES WATER PLAY. But, he wants the door open at all times. Even if he isn't out there. If I close it he freaks out. There is going to come a day here very soon where the AC will be on 24/7. It gets over 100 degrees here. Now, I've never one to care about an electricity bill. If its hot you turn on the AC. Thats what its for. I'm responsible, I set it to 78. Just enough to be comfortable. But, I know leaving the door open with the AC on is not a good idea. I don't even need to ask the engineer hubby about that! Plus, flies land everywhere and poop. YUCK.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Kalyn challenged her readers to do a list so I thought I would go for it. Plus, I was gonna do a whole post on flys and now I don't have too.


my husband, my kid, my family, my friends, water w/ lemon, iced tea w/ lemon, burger & fries, bean-rice-cheese-sour cream burrito, reading, time alone, getting to go to the bathroom by myself, pedis, massages, going out to eat, watching Ryan play, clothes that make me look skinnier than I am, the beach (especially reading @ the beach), tea at a cute tea house, decorating, sleep, smell of gardenia, smell of lavender, bubble baths, scrapbooking, Riesling wine, chips & dip, warm (but not hot) weather, driving w/ the top down, a hi-five from Ryan, mojito, appletini, cosmo

Ok...pretty random. Things seem to come in waves.


my stomach, my flat hair, exercising, fish, flys, spiders, ants, unloading the dishwasher, mopping, putting clothes away, having to ask my husband to do something more than once, when i forget something, i'm kinda short, raddishes, taffy, the feeling of not accomplishing enough, beer, most Thai food, when my son hits or bites, the screen door open, dirty hands, talking during movies, people that drive crazy, VW Passats.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Bethany Reservoir

What? 2 posts in one day. Yes, but I'm not addicted. Ethan is tivo-ing the Monday night Star Trek marathon and our TV is so old the Tivo won't let us watch anything while it records. I could clean--not worth the risk of waking Ryan.

Today we took a drive to Bethany Reservoir. Yes, it was bigger than Lake Cuyamaca (that is spelled correctly this time). Unfortunately, not a lot of trees so it was really hot. Still, it was nice to be outside. Then Ethan took me to a chinese restaurant in Livermore. He's been telling me about it forever so I was glad to go. WE CANNOT FIND GOOD CHINESE FOOD IN TRACY. Boy, do we miss China Wokery in San Marcos. No, we really miss Pei Wei. Anyway...then we were off to see Pirates 3. Not my choice but I was mostly along for the ride. 3 hrs in a movie theater is a bit much for me, especially when I fell asleep during Pirates 2.

Ryan had a great time with Aunt Lisa. He visited Grandma & Grandpa and uncle Eddie, and even got to see Great Grandma. He splashed around in his new pool and went to the park. Big day for him. We really are lucky to have family around that loves him as much as we do. I never have to worry about him (doesn't mean I don't!), but I don't need to.

P.S. I had to share an incident where The Family Whistle was needed so our title really does make sense. Picture this:
Ryan in bed asleep. Ethan upstairs on the computer. Me cleaning up the kitchen. I take the trash out to the backyard, trip on the broom that Ryan uses to "clean up" sand, and fall. On the cement. Spill trash everywhere. Skin my palm, knee, and elbow. And I dragged my toe across the cement in my attempt to save myself so that hurts too. I hobbled to the couch and called up the stairs "Honey, I fell." I have to say I am semi-impressed with the speed at which he came down the stairs. Definately not lighting, but I could tell he was concerned. As soon as he saw I was ok he laughed. I told him I tried calling him but he didn't hear me. His response: "Why didn't you use the family whistle?" Duh.

We miss the beach!

I am finally feeling better and we decided to take a drive in the convertible. Then we realized, we had nowhere to go! We miss the beach. It would be a great day to drive up (or down) the coast, maybe head over to Coronado with the top down. Yeah, we can get to Santa Cruz in a little less than 2 hrs, but thats a lot different than 10 minutes! Plus, we don't even need to mention Memorial Day traffic. We settled on Jamestown, CA, near Sonora. For the SoCal people think Julian without the pies. But, with 1.5hrs each way and adding in traffic, it was probably too far away. And, being the parents that we are, we wanted to be home in time to put our little one to bed. Did I mention he goes to bed at 6:30? Yeah. So, Jamestown is more of a get up and leave early in the morning or stay over night kind of trip instead of leaving at 10:00, after putting Ryan down for a nap. Or, a trip for when Ryan stays the night at Grandma's. More planning needed--enough said.

So, we are heading off to some little lake "thing" about 30 min away. After living in SoCal and seeing their "lakes" I am apprehensive about saying I'm going to a lake. Have you seen Cuyamacha? Ok, I know I spelled it wrong and bad spelling usually bothers me. But, I need to get in the shower ASAP and don't have time to search the net. A lake I can swim across is not a lake--that was my point. Ofcourse Northern Cali has normal sized lakes, I just haven't been (or heard of) this particular one. Hopefully we'll have a nice lunch, hike around a bit, maybe see a movie.

Off we go, as soon as Ryan goes down for his nap and Aunt Lisa gets here!

Saturday, May 26, 2007


Being a stay at home mom and being sick is hard...REALLY REALLY REALLY HARD. I'm glad we are closer to family now becuase I'm not sure I could have gotten through the last few days alone. This is the same cold Ryan had and he never skipped a beat. Sure his nose ran for 10 days straight, but he played as usual. He napped, he ate, he still slept through the night. I feel like I got ran over by a truck. Ethan was great this morning. He got up early with Ryan and fed him breakfast, then took him to the park so I could sleep. Now Ryan is with Aunt Lisa so daddy can have a break. I hope this ends soon so I can salvage some of this 3 day weekend.

In other news, Ethan finally got his sports car. So instead of obsessively searching the internet for the perfect used car, he is now searching for car parts. It never ends. But, he is happy (I think) and that is all that matters. He worked hard for this car and he deserves it. He did real estate on the side for a few years and saved all of his $. Then so I could stay home with Ryan he gave his $ up for the family. What a guy! Now that we have moved and sold the house, it was time. He was not able to find his dream corvette, but he is now the proud owner of a Honda S2000. Its a cute silver convertible, though he would die if he knew I called it cute! I am allowed to ride in it, but thats it. I will definately have to buy some new sunglasses and a hat. I must look appropriate. But I gotta say, its hotter than butt here, who the heck wants to be out in the heat? So, now we have 2 Hondas and a Toyota. I'll post pictures whenever I figure out how.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

But mom, everyone else is doing it....BLOG!

Ok, I couldn't be left out. Now, I have never been on the cutting edge, but I figured this would be a good way to keep up with my O'side friends whose blogs I read anyway. Then ofcourse there is "Maniacal Days" which I read all the time and the author of that HILARIOUS blog is from Ryan's online birth group. And last but not least, when I send out Ryan's montly update e-mail I've had some people actually ask what Ethan and I are up to. It's amazing...people still care about us as individuals. Ok, not really. Its Ryan 24/7.

Why "The Family Whistle?" I was going to go with something creative like "Algernon" or something but after researching the word it was definately not me. If the definition of a word confuses me then its out. I tried to be creative and use my financially useless English Literature degree and think of something fantastic but nothing came. I believe all creativity left me during childbirth. So, other than picking something to do with Pride & Prejudice that no one but me cares about, I settled on The Family Whistle. We actually have a family whistle whenever we get separated in a store. The only slight problem is that I really can't whistle!