Thursday, September 27, 2007

Whirlies in the brain

Random. That is the subject of my post or aka "I've got whirlies in my brain." Not sure where I came up with the word whirlies...I guess from things whirling around my head? My brain is definately getting overloaded, though with nothing necesarilly important. I even tried to post a few nights ago at 10:45 to help me sleep, but the computer was off. Why that was a deterrent, I cannot tell you. I just turned around and walked out of the office. I guess booting up the computer was just too much effort. Yes, I know its only one button. Here comes the randomness of me:

I know I said I hated the "Meet the Letters" dvd by Preschool Prep. It is still annoying, but Ryan has learned so much in the last few weeks. I'm so excited for him. He consistantly knows the letters A, C, and O. He randomly knows other letters for a few days, forgets them, then learns them again. He seems to almost always know the letter X. And he pronounces it "ks." Priceless. This really is a huge step for him. It feels as though he has been stagnant for a while and now this opens up a whole new world for him. A month ago all he said was "day" and "di." Amazing. He also has a few words that are recognizeable to us, but probably no one else. The key is that he is consistantly using the same sounds. We now understand "jeep" "key" "light" "train" and "hi." Jeep sounds like "eep" and key is "eeys" and light is "ite" and train is "ten"....and "hi" is hi, LOL. Ok. Enough mommy bragging.

Let's see...oh yeah, I lost Ryan in Kohls twice on Wednesday. Ofcourse I tell Ethan that is why we cannot have another child. He says my motto would be "at least I came home with one." Ug. Let's just say that Ryan is not into his stroller. He will put up with it for outside events--as in, he knows after 2x around the lake we will be stopping at the park so he tolerates it. Pretty much that is it. He is fine in a grocery cart but won't do a stroller indoors. Crazy. I've gone about this many different ways, and yesterday I thought I was pretty smart. I carried him into Kohls, thinking that was part of the battle. Then he saw the carts and got excited. Oh yes...we are halfway there. Then I realized the excitement came from wanting to push the cart. Ofcourse a tantrum ensued and I had to make a choice 1) shop at the 1 day sale or 2) go home after driving 15 min out of town to get there. I knew even after a time out he wasn't going to cooperate. I calmly told him to stop crying and that I would let him push. He actually stopped on An older lady even stopped and was impressed at him for stopping when I told him to. Off went went...he ran into a few tables and racks,no big deal. He was "following" me best he could. Then he realized he didn't need the cart--it was weighing him down. FREEDOM. So I lost him. I could hear him on the tile, but once he moved onto carpet he was gone. I found him with the help of an employee pointing and telling me he went "that way." We ended up in shoes, which is never a bad thing. I stopped at a rack of cute ballet flats and was pondering why they were in the "Juniors" section. They get their own shoes now? They had a whole row to themselves. And he was gone again. This time I had the pit in my stomach panic moment until I heard his laugh...I decided the trip was over, it was not a good idea to begin with. Then it was like the shopping faery sprinkled magic dust on us. Ryan asked to sit in the stroller. Oh yes....I think he was tired so he sat in the stroller with his juice and let me do whatever.

Whatever means I tried on a pair of Sketchers. So cute. They are black canvas w/ a thin criss-cross strap. $12.99. Can you believe it? The box is worth that much to Ryan. They were in the junior section and I don't care. Then I tried on the one shirt I had and needed a smaller size, which means I made two trips to the dressing room with Ryan sitting nicely in the stroller. Then I decided I loved the shirt and I needed it in another pattern as well...and yes, they were from the Junior section too. This is not normal for me, but its basically just a nice t-shirt. Junior stuff would not usually fit me and again I'm excited because there was no X in the size.

Also, a few days ago we're on our morning walk. Its about 8:15. We see the usual people we always see. But everyone, and I mean everyone, is wearing perfume. It was so strange. Everytime someone walked by I got a different scent. And it was only that day. Hasn't happened since. Isn't that odd? Did I miss national perfume day? Perfume is the last thing I'm thinking about before our walk. I throw on some yoga pants, the shirt I was wearing the day before or one I slept in, run my fingers through my hair and we're out. I am by no means making a fashion statement, other than "i've been awake since 5:00am and you're lucky i'm dressed."

We are midway into switching to the nap after lunch. Today he just couldn't do it. I usually shower when he naps so this makes it very late in the day for me to feel "ready." Now I need to come up with a way I can shower earlier, and not have a screaming toddler staring at me the whole time. Oh, and I want to have it last longer than 2 min.

Ok. Hopefully I got some of the weird stuff out of my brain.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Thanks Liz!

Well, at least someone out there felt bad for my fashion issues! Yes, I know there are more important things going on in the world, but hey--this is my self esteem here. I would like to report some fashion finds:

First, I was excited that Liz mentioned the blazer because "ta da" I already had two. Who knew? A chocolate brown courderoy (bad and a light cotton khaki. Woo hoo. And I already have a black sweater coat. Just ned to find the belt for it (mental note). Then on Sunday I made my sister go to the mall with me. I had birthday $ and a gift card to New York & Co. They were my favorite store for work that I don't work outside the house, their stuff doesn't seem to be me...but I tried. I even had a "spend $75 get $39 off"....oh well. Maybe next sale. I found cute flats at Payless...but they weren't on sale. Yes, I know Payless is already cheap but genetically I cannot pay full price for anything. My mom will not allow it. She has some kind of force--like Jedi-but for shopping and she would know if I paid full price for anything. IT IS NOT ALLOWED. And, Ethan appreciates that.

I went to Ross and I gotta say, its a whole different experience without a toddler. My sister was nice and held everything I wanted to try on so I could really look for stuff. I think I tried on a million jeans, but bought 2 sweaters. Still good. Then off to JC Penney.

Now...things must be explained. Our "mall" to I explain it? One story. It has a food court and carousel. The BIG stores are Target, Sears, JC Penney and Gottschalks (think Robinsons May if you must). Besides the outlet mall, this is the only mall in town. This mall wasn't even here when I was growing up so its great that its here, but its no North County Fair....and I will not even discuss how far away it is from being Fashion Valley.

So, JC Penney. Don't usually have much luck there, but they are carrying a new brand called "Ana" and I love it. $21.99 for jeans (on sale)...score. And I loved how they fit, so much in fact, I bought a pair to wear with boots, and a straight leg pair for flats. To top that off I got an awesome brown sweater coat w/ hood. LOVE IT. I think for 3 sweaters and 2 pair of jeans I spent about $85 for my shopping trip.

Now, if the shoes could just miraculously appear at my door.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Seasonal Fashion & Dietary Dilemmas!

Before anyone points out that it seems like yesterday that I was complaining about the Africa heat--it wasn't yesterday. Probably last week. Now onto more important matters. It went from t-shirt and shorts weather to jeans and a long sleeved shirt in 1 day. I kid you not. It is 71 in my house. 71. Its cloudy and we have the chance of rain all weekend. This ofcourse brings up many fashion issues that I'll be dealing with for the next few weeks....(ok my whole life).

1. Lack of closed-toe shoes. I lived in San Diego for 5 yrs, you don't need closed-toe shoes. Except for boots (which I have) and sneakers (ok--i NEVER say sneaker, I say tennis shoes but I didn't want to imply I play tennis because that involves running and I DON'T DO THAT). I have sneakers. And as for closed toe shoes, you can also count 2 pair of black heels (one is square toe and so out that it needs to go in the donate bag). So, i'm left with: sneakers, 1 pair heeled black boots, 1 pair heeled brown boots (yes, they are the same, so what), 1 pair of black sling back heels. Yep...thats it. Since becoming a mom, I tend to think of boots as my more "dressed up" look. I don't wear my boots to the grocery store. They just don't seem like errand shoes. They are for going out to dinner or movie with the hubby. You know, when I might curl my hair. So, basically this means all last winter I wore jeans, a sweat shirt and sneakers. I NEED NEW SHOES. Preferably, these shoes would be less than $100. *who am i kidding, $29.99 is more like it! I'm taking ideas from all 4 of you out there.

2. Jeans. Need I say more? Ok, I will. Since becoming a mom (almost 2 yrs ago--OMG) I've gotten 2 new pairs of jeans. They are Bandolino and I like them ( boots are Bandolino also) but they are jeans to be worn with boots or my other heels. They are my "dressy" jeans. That leaves me with some Old Navy standards that I had before pregnancy. Yes they fit, just not like they used to. I'm happy they fit, really I am. But it seems like they are all the same size and cut, but fit totally different. I've learned you cannot just buy a pair of jeans from Old Navy without trying them on. But I want something more...I want jeans that I love. Jeans that I love the moment I try them on. Again, less than $100 would be good..ok, $50 is about my limit, and thats only because I have birthday money. Why hasn't What Not To Wear found me yet?

3. Things to go over t-shirts. I bought lots of cute t-shirts this summer and I need some sweaters or cardigans or something to go over them. Most of my current sweaters are in my "dressy" know. But I've certainly got enough hoodies that say GAP or CSUS Alumni on them.

Seasonal Dietary Dilema

1. Coffee. As the weather gets colder, I'm gonna want coffee. Since starting the "Brandi's Half-Assed The Best Life Diet" (by Bob Greene from Oprah) a few months ago I quit drinking coffee. I figured it was extra calories I didn't need and it wasn't a big deal to give up. Just like giving up soda isn't a problem because I rarely drink it. But now I'm getting the urge. Coffee isn't so much the diet issue as the sugar and creamer I use. Come on, black coffee? I don't think so. I know I could drink tea, and I like tea...but there is something about the french vanilla in the coffee that i love. Help.

**there will be more info about "Brandi's Halff-Assed The Best Life Diet" to come so stay tuned

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Play & Learn - Round 2

Ok, for all of you that prayed for a better second class...THANK YOU. This weeks Play & Learn was so much better. What a load off. I actually was able to have a good time watching him play. I think all of my "nice" and "sharing" comments might have worked...or whatever it was I'm thankful. He is deathly afraid of the parachute, which they do the last few minutes of class. He ran for the door! Other than that, and one small incident on a slide we were cool. And I must say, had the girl slid down the slide instead of stopping at the top we would have been PERFECT. But that left me an an opportunity to remind him about waiting his turn and sharing...and its not nice to slide down on top of people, especially when you outweigh them by about 15lbs! We start play gym in October. More new adventures!

Also, Ethan and I went to Santa Cruz last weekend for my birthday. No, its not just birthday tends to drag out. Don't be jealous. Thats how I work it. But anyway, we left Saturday around 11:00 and were back Sunday by 2:00. The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk was not what we remembered as kids. It really is for kids, except I didn't want to take Ryan there cuz it was dirty. Yuck. Then we walked out on the pier and saw the sea lions. That was cool. Then we headed downtown...interesting area. It has the "downtown" feel in some parts, cute shops and restaurants. But then you get a ghetto feeling in some places...its a college town, but I didn't get the college vibe. We had a great dinner at Kianti...yummy brushetta. Which reminds me of my new eating out plan for Italian: order the brushetta appetizer, split w/ whoever. then a small ceasar salad. yeah! This way I still get lots of bread, but don't go overkill w/ pasta. I'm sure this is totally scientific.

Sunday before we left we went to The Mystery Spot. Which is ofcourse a mystery until your engineer husband tells you why it ISN'T a mystery. Our last stop was the arboretium (totally can't spell today) at UC Santa Cruz. Nice little walk through the gardens...and then home to see the kid.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Bloggin at Dad Said Mom Said

Come visit Ethan and I for our first couples blog. My friend Jenn started this blog a while ago and its hilarious. I was so excited when she asked if we were interested. I met Jenn on Ryan's birth board and I feel like we have been friends forever. I really love the ladies in the Fall Babies 2005 group so this is a shout out to them too! Dad Said Mom Said has new posts once a week so continue to check back. There is always something interesting going on.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Doctors are like salesmen

So, yesterday I went to my general practitioner. Since moving home, I've had some skin issues that have gone from annoying to just plain yuck. I've never EVER had skin issues before, that is saved for my husband and son. I was born in this town, grew up here, but apparently I am now allergic to it. Fine. This was my second visit to the doctor. He is nice, no complaints. I still miss my O'side doctor, but I'm a bit ticked with her because she left the practice and wanted to go work in free clinics and expand her horizons. Couldn't she do that after I moved? I never had to see her replacement, but I just really really liked her. She was my first grown up know, not the college health center or Urgent Care. She realized how bad my sinus infections were because she actually sent me for x-rays then said "WOW"...I could call and leave her a message that I had another sinus infection and she would call in an RX right away. Did I mention I loved her? Then there is my OB who delivered Ryan...not in love with her.

Anyway, my new doc is very into medical/family history which is a +. He is also very into preventative meds. You know, take vitamins...he is really into vitamins and he likes to quote studies to me about why I need more Vitamin D and Calcium (little did he know I saw that on Good Morning America!). I say I'll take more, plus the multi I already take. I"m not gonna argue with him. Then he says I should just take a pre-natal instead of a multi just in case I get pregnant on accident. NO, NO ACCIDENTS HERE, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Then he goes on and on about folic acid. I know about folic acid...I took prenatal vitamins 3 months before I even tried to get pregnant. Then he tells me the extra folic acid needs to be in my body when I conceive this accidental baby...can you say stress? I felt he was dooming my birth control not to work. So, fine. Insead of a multi I'll take a prenatal (after my multis run out) plus extra calcium and vitamin D. Geez. Which reminds me, I will have to hide the vitamins or people in my family will think I'm trying to get pregnant.

Then comes the sales pitch....the flu shot. He says "what do you think about the flu shot?" Um...I don't know. I got one when Ryan was 3 months old cuz his ped told me too. He was too young so he said I should get it. Ethan was supposed to get one too and chickened out. I ask him what he thinks and ofcourse he is all for it, especially since I am Ryan's care-giver and if I were to get the flu he would probably get it...blah blah blah. Ok, I'll get it during flu season.

Next: blood work. I used the same story as last time. "I had lots of blood work done in 2005 when I was pregnant. About 8 vials work. I'm good." This worked last time. Not yesterday. Do I know they don't check cholesterol during pregnancy? The diabetes test is specifically for pregnancy, and we really need a non-pregnancy measure (and I didn't mention I had to stay for the extra long glucose test during pregnancy cuz I failed the first 2). Well, then what the heck do they do withthe 8 vials of blood? Ok, I'll go get bloodwork done. They are open on Saturdays, its an open order, I can go whenever. Then he says he's gonna add a thyroid test too. Super. Let's do it all at once.

Finally, I'm ready to go. I've got my RX for my skin problem and he says "she'll be in with the shot in a minute." Oh, that was for today? Hmm...I really agreed to it in more of a general way. Like, i'm gonna get a flu shot some day. NOT TODAY. Crap.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Play & Learn - Yeah Right

Today we started our first Play & Learn class through our City Parks & Rec department. Um...I'm having a hard time just writing about it because my heart has not recovered. What should have been a fun 45min playtime was a disaster thanks to my 22 month old bully. Where did he come from? Can I give him back...or maybe do an exchange? Who told him everything in the entire universe belongs to him, even if he isn't ACTUALLY playing with it? Why were the only 2 boys in the class maniacs and the girls quiet and nice? I hate stereotypes and the "boys will be boys" crap. This obviously means we are not doing something right around here in the parenting area and I hate knowing the other parents at the class are labeling Ryan the mean kid or the bully. And I'm the mom that can't control him. I left the class almost crying in my car, Ryan was ofcourse oblivious to my stress. There was a truck and a bus near us so he was just fine to point at those while I was losing my mind.

I really had good intentions. I thought the class would help in his socialization and his language development. He has some sort of speech/language delay, and will be evaluated at the end of the month. We don't know if its something serious, or just a regular run of the mill delay as in "he'll talk when he's ready".

I had high hopes for this class. And its not the class/teacher's fault. I think it was a nice set up. There was an art table (though not sure how many 18/24 month olds do art), several plastic structure/slides, a jumpy, tunnels to crawl through, and a ball pit. This was all indoors so it wasn't hot. At the beginning there was circle time where everyone introduced themselves and sang "Itsy Bitsy Spider." Anyone care to answer why my child was the ONLY child that would not sit on my lap and proceeded to run around the room playing on all the stuff??? Now, I'm not sure its totally reasonable for that age group to sit during a circle time, but it was about 3 minutes long and I at least thought we could sit for a minute or so and look interested. NOPE.

Then it was on to free play, with the teacher coming around to everyone. To add insult to injury (oh...the injury to my pride if you couldn't tell) the teacher is someone I knew in highschool. Yay! Not only am I a fat cow compared to the last time she saw me, but I cannot control my child. And she has 4 kids and looks about a size 0. Dammit.

Ryan proceeds to push little girls out of the way the entire time. If someone is walking towards a slide and gets there first he is livid. That is obviously his slide and he is going to let them know by pushing them out of the way. I spent the entire 45 min apologizing to other parents/grandparents for my child's behavior. I reminded him about being easy and nice, and to share. All foreign concepts. Then we meet up at the ballpit with the only other boy in the class. They must have come in late because I didn't see them at circle time. This kid was a giant. 17 months old and looked about 5. He was a bully as well and immediately started picking on Ryan--and I didn't care. Shame on me, but I felt like he had be terrorizing other kids and it was his turn, see if he likes it. NO, I DIDN'T READ THAT IN A PARENTING MAGAZINE. That wonderful idea came straight from this idiotic brain. The giant shoved him and he looked at me like "do something" and I didn't. The giant got a time out from his mom and off I went again to deter Ryan from stealing playdough from a sweet girl named Sophia.

The only time Ryan didn' t get into trouble was when he was in the bouncy house. He loved it. He was the only kid that actually jumped in it. Cute little Sophia had to get out when he got in because he scared her. When she crawled out and watched him I said "he's nuts" and she pointed to him and said "NUTS!"

The last straw was when he walked over to a slide structure and the girl was halfway through the door opening so he couldn't really push her (he pushes sideways...uses his hip) so instead he walked over to her shoes and threw them. He totally could have hurt someone and I was done. DONE. We had a lovely time out of him screaming on my lap in the corner and I'm telling myself why I don't want to be the parent who spanks...spanking doesn't work...don't spank because you are angry...Breathe.

Thankfully it was over. Doesn't this sound like all day? 45 freakin minutes. That was it. I went home and had some chocolate silk pie. Apparently that was my de-stress mode of action. I didn't get my 2 mile walk today and I'm feeling lots of tension. I've also been eating like crap cuz its been my birthday and I tend to let the celebrations linger. I'm sure I've gained all the weight back and today I didn't care. It was like someone was waving a flag in my face saying "you are a sucky parent."

My friend Diana said the other parents probably weren't staring at me, they were just glad it wasn't their kid and she reminded me it could be their kid next time. It helped...a little.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Yo shorty, it's your birthday

Wait, I'm shorty. Oh well. For my birthday I thought I would post some of my favorite things. Not like any of you (3 or 4) readers need to get me any...its just a list. In no particular order...that would require too much thought. I have to shower before Ryan wakes up from his nap...I don't have all day to blog. Geez.

1. CO Bigelow Lipshine from Bath & Body Works
2. Cucumber Feta dip from Safeway/Vons
3. Roasted red pepper hummus from Safeway/Vons
4. Kidopotomus stroller shade
5. Good Earth tea
6. Whiskey River Burger & Chocolate shake from Red Robbin
7. Hair detangler
8. Lean Cuisine
9. Our sleep consultant - she should be president
10. Gardenia bath stuff from Bath & Body Works
11. the swaddle blanket
12. books by Jane Austen
13. massages & pedis
14. purses & shoes
15. diamond earrings (Hello??? Ethan. Where are you?)
16. Origins whipped body butter
17. Tivo
18. Netflix
19. eating out in general since i hate to cook
20. sleeping in

Well, I was gonna try to get to 32, but I'm running out of time. I'll add on later.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

I keep forgetting the movie post & Ethan's girlie drink

Something to add to my list of changes. Ryan is now obsessed with movies. First of all, it should be known that my child poo-poo'd any and all toddler related TV/movies that I turned on for him--until a few days ago. He wouldn't sit to watch anything (except certain vides on VH-1 he watches in the morning with his daddy--he loves Fergie, and cannot get enough of the Umbrella-ella-ella song). I digress. No Baby Einstein, no Little Einsteins, Jo Jo's Circus, etc. NOT INTERESTED.

Then HOLY MOLY its all about the TV. He wants it on all the time...then he points to the dvd remote and begs. I had to create certain times that it was ok to watch, like during snack, after we come back from the park. Or after nap when he always wakes up cranky. I do like that I can actually unload the dishwasher without help...I just don't understand what happened to make him so fascinated so quickly. He is addicted to 3 of the Baby Einstein videos about animals, and the Meet The Letters by Preschool Prep. He sits in his frog lawnchair (w/ cup holder) and totally zones.

I just don't know what to make of it. And by the way, the voices on Meet the Letters are driving me insane!
Now, for Ethan's girlie drink. Sunday night we went to Red Robin to celebrate my birthday early. I haven't been there since we moved, and I was in desperate need of a whiskey river burger and chocolate shake. YUM. Ethan ordered...drumroll.....a hawaiian hearthrob smoothie. Thats my man! And it came in a curved glass w/ a pineapple on the side. He doesn't drink alcohol, but if he did, it would not be beer or hard liquor. He's be a hardcore umbrella drinker.
Well, a Lean Cuisine is calling my name. I hate trying to lose weight. I'll save that for another post.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Things are a' changin

It seems like nothing much has been going on, but when I look back and reflect I remember little things. And now it seems schedules are changing, and for some reason I haven't adapted like usual. Maybe I'm just tired. Who knows. We are a very schedule oriented family, so I don't like this stuck feeling.

About a week ago Ryan slept in til 7am. While that is still early for some of you, that is almost lunchtime for us! He usually wakes up at 5/5:30am. 5:30 we didn't mind since Ethan's alarm goes off then anyway. And previous to that, we had 2 months of 4/4:30 wakeups which seriously still feels like midnight. So, we had a lovely schedule of 5ish wake-ups, Ryan hangs out with Ethan til he goes to work, then I take over at 7am when he leaves. We do our 2 mile walk and play at the park, have a snack and then NAP. I LOVE NAPTIME. I did not realize how much I like being alone until I became a mom. But you really can't blame me, I shared a room until I was 19 and went to college. Then I shared apartments, except for one year I lived by myself. I thought I would be terrified but I loved it. I went from sharing a room with my sister who is 4 yrs younger than me (not a good mix), to roommates, to a husband. I can actually count the times I've been alone in the house since I had Ryan....which I should say I'm alone now because Ethan took him to the store.

Anyway, back to the point I might have had when I started. Ryan's new wake ups (which are now about 6:00) are great, but I just haven't gotten into the flow. Lunch before nap or after????? I can never tell. I'm used to him napping at 11:00....yesterday it was 1:00. I think it comes down to the fact that I hate not knowing.

Then I realized (with help from a friend who is a wise mom of 3) that one of the reasons Ryan doesn't eat alot at mealtime is because he snacks too much--as in all day. His days are like 24/7 buffets. If we forget to lock the fridge he is in there pointing at everything, even stuff he doesn't like. And the pantry has no lock. Cabinets w/ no hardware. Why oh why would they do that? So he acts hungry all the time. He could be bored, I just don't know. I'm trying to re-start the 3 meal, 2 snack day.

Which leads me to complain about his eating....again. Now he won't eat pasta. First of all, no kid of mine would ever EVER turn down pasta. I mean really. He used to down that stuff. He is also totally over milk. The list of things he will eat is getting smaller and smaller by the day--and it wasn't a long list to begin with. Am I a bad mom because he eats sandwich meat all the time? Isn't it better than not eating at all? Shouldn't he be bored of the same stuff all the time? (Well, i could eat pasta and veggie burritos for weeks on end, so never mind that). It seems like the approaching age of 2 is bringing lots of changes and I feel not ready and ready all at the same time.

To finish on a happy note, he loves fruit. Sleeping in til 6/6:30 on a weekend is way better than 5:00.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

I'm here

I really am here. I keep thinking I have nothing to blog about, then I'm up all night with my head spinning. I sat down tonight to write about all the stuff we've been up to, but there are a few things stopping me:

1) Ryan went ballistic at the outlet mall today and frayed my nerves
2) I'm mad at myself for eating a burger & fries
3) I spent way too much time on Ryan's monthly update e-mail. For some reason Yahoo wouldn't let me insert addresses from my address book
4) We are working on transitioning to a nap AFTER lunch and it ain't workin right now so I'm in a time crunch during the day...shower or blog?
5) I have the house to myself tonight (Ryan is here but sleeping) and I should be watching some chick movie will have to wait for another day.