Monday, January 28, 2008

Was that a ray of sunshine?

Holy crap, get dressed...let's go outside!!! Too bad I had to persuade (beg) a 2yr old to get in the stroller and let me exercise. And, I might have (kinda sorta) said we could go to the park when I full well knew it was too wet and muddy. Bad mommy. I at least got a lap around the lake in then decided it was too damn cold for a second lap. Wuss, I know.

We did actually leave the house a little last week too. Now, it was just the grocery store and to my parents house, but the point is that we weren't in our house. Ryan even lasted an hour at the coffee playdate...or hot chocolate playdate. Whatever you want to call it.

The icky part of the weekend was coming to terms with my fat-ness when trying on bridesmaid dresses. Honestly, could the lighting in those places be more horrible? I know I'm not a small girl, and I know that my top half requires a bigger size than the bottom, but still...and then I got called "busty." When you used to be small and aren't anymore its hard not to remember when. And this isn't all pregnancy weight, I was too heavy before I got pregnant. I'm carrying about an extra 10lbs from pregnancy. My doctor a few weeks ago told me I had done a good job at maintaining my weight because I've weighed about the same since Ryan was 7 weeks old. Someone told me maybe I'm supposed to weigh what I weigh and that my body has decided its a good place for me. No thanks, let's take another vote! So, i've got about 5 months to lose some weight and we have decided my mom is going to make my bridesmaid dress so it will be custom fitted to me instead of spending $200 on a dress then another who knows what for alterations...I'm so glad she can sew. She actually made all the dresses for my bridesmaids and they looked great.

Now it is time for me to eat a nutritious snack.


Our Family of Four said...

Michelle here, I accidentally changed my username. Anywho... I can relate to the fatness thing. I saw a photo of myself the other day and nearly had a heart attack!

McCoyFamily said...

Yeah I'm getting on the plump side as well I'm balaming it on the weather it makes me want to eat everything in sight...LOL

Lizzie Fish said...

the lighting is BRUTAL in those stores! i bet you couldn't even see your beautiful coloring and perfect skin. jerks.