Friday, December 21, 2007

I must confess

I have done some things I am not too proud of lately. Here they are, in no particular order.

1. I watched that choir competition on TV. I know...please don't stop being my friend. I got sucked into it. It's really not my fault, its the stupid writer's strike. There is nothing good on TV. And Nick Lachey is cute. In my defense (kind of) I only watched Monday, but I will confess that instead of watching the results on Tuesday I watched....Real Housewives of the OC. Honestly, I am ashamed to type that. Then it was back to the choir show on Wednesday. I need help.

2. I went to the Dancing With The Stars Live Tour....with my mom, and her friend...the "golden girls." To add to the injury, it turned into a Wayne Newton concert because he couldn't dance. So i've added about 50 yrs to my life and will be sprouting a grey bee hive any minute.

3. I went in public without a bra. There is no excuse but I do have an explanation. Our sink decided it would be down right awesome if both sides filled up with water. Water that would just drain from one side into the other with the disposal running. The smell was horendous. I had dirty dishes all over my counter waiting to be cleaned. It was just not cool. In a decision not to dirty any unnecessary dishes I decided we needed to go to a drive thru and it had to be quick. It was already 11:30, we don't live near any drive thrus. I also needed to hit the ATM. So, it was me in sweats and a very large tshirt and sweatshirt. I made sure not to get out at the ATM with anyone there, but still, not a high moment in my life. I DID BRUSH MY HAIR BEFORE WE LEFT. So, technically the only person that saw me was the drive thru guy at KFC--but still. My grandma would be mortified.

In other news, Ryan has napped the last 2 days :) and I'm taking pictures and will steal the idea of a holiday home tour and show you some of my decorating soon.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Tis the season for...

1. Colds. Yuck. Ryan had a runny nose and was congested for over a week. We are lucky that he doesn't let colds stop him. He still eats well (totally from Ethan's side of the family) and plays. And he actually took a few naps on my lap because ofcourse, I didn't put him in his crib for rest time and let a sick kid cry for an hour--even though my dad (aka Dr. Spock) probably thinks I did. BUT I DIDN'T. For an entire week, or more, there has been no rest time, for either of us. It was tough. That relates to night time...because again, couldn't let him cry if he woke up. He would float away in a sea of snot I'm pretty sure. So, we had about 5 nights of him sleeping in our bed at some random time in the night. And on those lovely nights he would take him about an hour to settle in, after I told him he couldn't have a lollipop (duh) or honk my nose or sit up and ask to watch TV. Good times. Then came the time to say no more in our bed. He was no longer sick. I actually think he got an extra night already and I knew it was going to be hard. Man, was I right. My little man is hoarse from all of the crying he has done the last two nights. I feel terrible...really I do, but I know its for his own good. Luckily last night he only woke up once and was back asleep in 10 minutes. Please no more colds!!! And I hope he hoarse throat clears soon because I can't let him cry for rest

2. Holiday parties. Usually fun. We get to see friends we don't see all the time. We had a gift exchange with my friends from college. We do a "favorite things" theme (yes i stole it from Oprah). Ryan's new word is "home" so whenever we go anywhere he likes to stand at the door, cry and say "home." It really is lovely. And I CONSTANTLY have to explain that its just his personality...a bit grumpy, or some would say he is a thinker. Very serious. Yes, we have tons of pictures of him smiling and he is a beautiful child, but moody as you would not believe. So while all the other kids are running around playing he is at the door crying. Again, good times. But I got a fabulous ultra suede photo album that can actually be used for scrapping as well and I think my wedding pics finally have a home. Not a scrapbooked home, but a home none the less because I'm sure one day when I have "free time" I'll get around to it.

3. Shopping. I do love to shop, but not with a 2 yr old. My mother in law has been watching Ryan about twice a week so I can go to the gym...which has turned into shopping (remember, Tis the season). You would not believe how fast I can shop without a child (ofcourse you would, you are all moms). Honestly, its fantastic. I only have two more people to buy for and they are probably going to get gift cards because they are hard to shop for. And...most of my stuff is wrapped or in bags. Yeah for me. How I did this with hardly any sleep (almost falling off my bed that was dominated by a 2 yr old and husband) and just general sleep/sick anxiety I will never know.

4. Christmas decor. Yeah! Love it. Sadly we did the fake tree again this year. What is even more sad is that our tree is only half decorated, as in the the top to the middle. Why you might ask? Should I mention the 2 yr old again? Or the 2 dogs? Enough said. I even have to barricade the tree when we leave, just in case the plastic eating dog is hungry. But still, at night when the lights are on its pretty. I got a little more festive this year since I had a little more time (not just moved and living with boxes like last year). I have some ribbon above the mantle where there is a weird insert for pics I guess. I put a wreath there (still needs to be decorated) but its kinda cute how it is. I put garland on the stairs and even tied bows on the bottom bannister. Bows I made myself! My friend and I made a wreath for my front door and it rocks.

5. Food. Can't wait for the pies!

Monday, December 3, 2007

We even parent different

Duh. Why did I write that? Obviously since we are so different we parent different. Ethan just pointed that out on Saturday night and it really was the first time I paid attention. Honestly, I've got too much going on. And if anyone was wanting a nap normal nap since Thanksgiving (2 hrs)...2 semi naps of about 30 minutes after crying first. THIS IS SUPER FUN. REALLY. COME TO MY HOUSE AT NAP TIME. ITS A BLAST. WE GO BETWEEN WHINING TO SAYING DADDY TO SAYING NO TO JUMPING IN THE CRIB LIKE ITS A TRAMPOLINE. And, I'm supposed to ignore it. Give him an hour...

Saturday night we drove to another town that was having a tree lighting and lighted boat parade. Totally up Ryan's alley. After a dinner of popcorn and gold fish (shi shis) we walked around killing time. I kept asking Ryan if he was hungry or wanted a drink and he kept giving me a dirty look. Finally Ethan said that is the difference between you and me. I wait til he tells me he wants something or wait til he fusses and then figure it out. I said yes, that is the difference. I tend to want to hold of the "fussing" because its really not fussing, its more of a full blown tantrum and since I get the pleasure of experiencing them M-F on my own...I kinda get tired of them. Basically, he thinks my questions bug Ryan.

Sure. Blame the mom. I'm the worrier, always wondering if he's hot or getting sick. I don't know why, its just me. I try to contain it as best I can. But hey, even "cool dad" hasn't been able to get him to nap SO THERE.

Speaking of parenting, I'm getting flack from my dad for putting Ryan in his crib to "rest" since he won't nap. Apparently, my dad has become Dr. Spock since becoming a grandpa. I don't know why he feels the need to give advice when he has no idea what the hell he is talking about. My dad was a different kind of parent...the 1970's dad...he worked, he provided for the family. Normal parenting duties were not his thing. This is nothing against him, but its true. He didn't give us baths or put us to bed, or even change diapers. He knows nothing of toddler schedules or meals. He worked, sometimes he had 2 jobs. He didn't go to doctor appointments. He worked, he came home, he ate dinner, he rested, then went to bed. At some point in time he disciplined us and attended some sporting events.

I totally give him credit for taking care of the family. He worked hard, my parents bought their house when they were 21 and 25 yrs old. My dad has an AA from junior college. It wasn't easy for them I'm sure, but we always had what we needed, and then some. So i'm not blaming or knocking him, I just don't understand why he is trying to help in an area where he has no experience. NONE.

Ofcourse I don't like listening to Ryan whine in his crib...but he woke up at 5:00am....he is tired. We all need a break. And actually (crossing fingers) he is quiet now and might be asleep. It feels like a battle of wills sometimes. How does a 2 yr old keep up with me? He is a stubborn little man and I keep thinking this is for his own good...I think I can I think I can!