Monday, August 13, 2007

Happy Anniversary

8years ago this evening, in Modesto, California, we were married. 8 years is alot, but we've actually been together for 15 years. We've grown up a lot together. When you know you've got a good guy, you need to hold onto him. I'm glad I knew that at 17...I saved myself a lot of trouble. There are many characteristics about Ethan that make him a great husband, so in honor of our anniversary I thought I would highlight no particular order.

1. Ethan is a family guy - He doesn't mind sacrificing for his family. When we moved back home it was for the family. He sold his dirtbike because he would rather spend weekends with Ryan and I. He had $ saved up to buy a corvette, but sacrified that so I could be a SAHM. Ethan puts a lot of time into the family finances and planning for our retirement and Ryan's college. Because of him we don't live beyond our means. And still with all of his forward planning, he can concentrate on the "here and now" of his family. He has breakfast with Ryan every morning. They have daily wrestling matches. And its not just about our little family. We are in contact with his family and mine all the time. Moving here was the best thing for our family, and though we miss the beach, we have so much more here.

2. He is hilarious - At first meeting him you will think he is pretty quiet and conservative. But once you get to know him, he is truly funny. He makes me laugh everyday. Laughter was key for us in the first year of being parents. There were so many times I thought I was gonna lose it, but he could always make me smile. I love when he imitates Ryan or tries to sing a song he doesn't know the words to. And the stories...stuff he did as a kid cracks me up.

3. He is ridiculously smart - So smart that its annoying. We joke that he is "borderline genius." Apparently he was tested as a kid--whatever. He went to a great school (UC Davis) and studied hard ALL THE TIME. After living apart for over a year I thought it would be great when he was in Davis and I was in Sacramento. Wrong. He was studying all the time. I remember him complaining if he didn't get the highest score or didn't set the curve. Meanwhile I'm at my state college, feeling really dumb. I seriously think he was just born extra smart and his need for information just took him to another level. He is also practical and literal, which can be a bit irritating (ok...alot irritating). If he doesn't know the answer he will find out. And, his genius is not one-sided. Some people are "book smart" or "common sense" smart...nope, he got both. He can go on and on about thermodynamics (boring!) or something he saw on Animal Planet. He can fix a car, and design an entire computer program to test batteries or work with zinc fuel cells. He can put a sprinkler system in the backyard and do an hour presentation in front of PhDs about laser targets. That is my husband. I am lucky because if I say "can you fix this"...he usually can. But watch out if you ask him how something works. He'll start drawing...did I mention the pie graphs? And, I'm not the only one to notice this. In the past few months he's had two previous employers ask him to come back to their company. He is a good employee. He has a true work ethic. Ethan has even taken a sleeping bag and spent the night at work before, just to be there when a test finished. He spent nights out in the pouring rain, in the middle of nowhere, checking on a fuel cell.

4. He has never mentioned my weight - Ethan started dating a really skinny 17 yr old, and married a skinny 23 yr old. I'm now almost 32 and not skinny. I did have a baby almost 2 yrs ago, but that is no excuse. He has never ever ever said I was fat or needed to lose weight. I'm not sure I believe him or not, but he did say if I stayed this weight forever he wouldn't care. Nice to know. I beat myself up enough about my weight, I'm glad I don't have to hear it from him too. He compliments me almost everyday. I've realized (and its a shame) that most women don't get that from their husbands so I'm thankful.

5. Long ago he said it was fate - I'm not gonna argue with him now. Wether he was joking or not, he was spot on.

6. He didn't shy away from fatherhood - Ethan was in there changing diapers like a pro! He is kinda squimish, but there was nothing that was gonna get in the way of him seeing Ryan be born. I think it took him some time to feel comfortable when he was alone with Ryan, but he is a terrific dad. He has turned into Ryan's jungle gym. Every Saturday morning they walk to the pool and park together. It is great to know he enjoys his time as a father, and its not a chore. He has so much more patience than me. Ryan is a lucky boy.

7. He doesn't hold a grudge - And I do, so thats good. He can get mad at me for something, and he's over it 30min later. He also doesn't yell...which again is good cuz I do. He has forced me to really say what I mean. I don't do it all the time, but I try.

8. He can cook - Be jealous ladies. Now, he usually only cooks on weekends cuz he gets home late during the week, but he doesn't mind it at all. He doesn't clean up which is a bummer, but he makes the best hamburgers! And he doesn't half-ass it like me. I just do an entree and I'm done. He makes side dishes! Lately, I've been cooking more and he has appreciated that, which makes me happy.

Those are just a few reasons why I have a fantastic husband. There are other things like when I said I wanted to buy the house across the street and told him to "make it happen" and he did; or how cute he is with our dog Nikki (his favorite); or when he let me pick my car and i chose a Passat, eventhough he knew it was gonna be a nightmare; the Friday nights he would stay up with Ryan as an infant so I could sleep; when he took me to Urgent Care cuz I punctured my foot and he had to remove the icky thing I stepped on; when he goes to cultural events with me and though he says he doesn't really like them, i secretly think he does, etc.

He made me a mommy, and for that there is nothing I can write to make him understand what that means to me. I would marry him again in a heartbeat. Happy Anniversary!

p.s. I said we would do a couple's blog for Dad Said..Mom Said. Surprise.
p.s.s. Happy Birthday Paisley!

PICS: wedding, prom, MORP, 8th grade graduation, 10th grade


kalyn said...

YAY!!!!!!! Happy Anniversary to you....Happy Anniversary to you, Happy Anniversary to YOUUUUUUUUU....

* P says thanks for the shout out- go back and look at your shout out! :)

Liz said...

brandi, this is an awesome post! i especially love the mc hammer matching gray shorts! they are so hot. =)

talk about the warm fuzzy attack!

you know...anytime (after the next two weeks) that you and ryan are looking for a break from the heat, carly and i have approximately thirty-five extra beds. it's just an idea. =)

happy anniversary to YOU!

Judy, Rich, Molly, and Leo said...

What a wonderful tribute. You sound like you're married to my husband...all except the cooking thing. ;)

It IS a good thing you realize you (we) are lucky because there are wives out there married to men who make it known that their weight (especially post baby) is an issue. Yuck. I would hate to live with that pressure. Way to go Ethan!

Enjoy your anniversary! You deserve it.

One more thing, the pics are awesome!

McCoyFamily said...

Hope you guys had a terrific Anniversary! Your pictures are great 15 years is a long time Congrats High school sweathearts!