Friday, August 10, 2007

Vacation pics

Sorry, no rafting pictures yet. Did you really think I would have dropped them off yet? Come on. Anyway, they are just pictures of me in a terrible looking helmet that does not fit properly because I have the smallest head on the planet, and then pictures of the rapids after we went through them cuz you really can't take a picture mid-rapid...and the camera is tied onto Ethan's life vest. So...maybe they won't be that great. But here are some of us at the Oregon Caves and our hike.
Pic #1 - probably one of the best pictures i've ever taken
Pic #2 - us on a bridge, taken far far away, but that was the only place we could set down the camera and use the timer :(
Pic #3 - we are so boring even our trails have no name (and i kid you not, as a child i named a dog no name)
Pic #4 - stalagtites or mites...i didn't pay that close of attention on the tour
Pic #5 - me next to a stalagtite/mite
Pic #6 - Ethan and I (yes my hair is ALWAYS that flat and i don't know where the damn freckles came from)
Pic #7 - more stalags
Pic #8 - Ryan in my suitcase before we left

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Liz said...

that is sooo beautiful! it looks like you had a great time! =)