Monday, August 13, 2007

How we met

Leading up to my big post tomorrow, in honor of our 8 yr wedding anniversary, I thought I would tell you all how we met. Give a little Brandi and Ethan history, then finally let Ethan read the blog. What a gift!!!

We actually met back in 6th grade. Since our last names both started with "A" our lockers were near eachother. I'd say we were friendly, but didn't hang out with the same crowd. I don't think we had any classes together in middle school, but I was the TA for his 8th grade math class. The funny thing is that I was grading tests for a class I was way too stupid to take! Then, in 1989 we sat next to eachother at our 8th grade graduation. Cap & the parking lot of our school. So tacky. I remember my aunts pointing at him and telling me he was cute. I never thought of him that way, and he had the beginning of a mullet so I'm not even gonna go there. He will tell you he was quite the ladies man at that time.

In highschool we were still friendly. We were lab partners in 10th grade biology. His girlfriend hated me! We disected things together, and he copied my homework and the teacher was "disappointed" in me...but didn't say crap to him. No other classes together. I ended up dating someone he worked with at Longs and our Junior year we actually triple-dated to the prom. Kinda weird to look at the pictures now. We managed to be around eachother from time to time, and he would say things like it was fate, and we were supposed to be together. Um...strange. He was a nerd (and he knows it!) and I was too busy being a ra-ra and dating a football player. I GUESS WE ALL LEARN.

After being friends for years, we both happened to be single at the same time. It was the week before school started, and we were there picking up our senior schedules. A group of us made plans to go to the mall later in the day. He said he would drive. When he came to pick me up he was alone. Everyone else mysteriously cancelled and off we headed. I was coming off a bad break-up and was trying to get back to normal. We had a great time together, eventhough he was amazed at my ability to eat a Carl's Jr western bacon burger combo. I was about 95lbs back then...

All I remember after that is walking through a store and we were holding hands. I was dating a friend--which really is the best person to date. That was August, 1992. We've been together 15 yrs this month, 8 yrs married. Never even broke up or took a break...not once. And here we are.

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