Friday, December 21, 2007

I must confess

I have done some things I am not too proud of lately. Here they are, in no particular order.

1. I watched that choir competition on TV. I know...please don't stop being my friend. I got sucked into it. It's really not my fault, its the stupid writer's strike. There is nothing good on TV. And Nick Lachey is cute. In my defense (kind of) I only watched Monday, but I will confess that instead of watching the results on Tuesday I watched....Real Housewives of the OC. Honestly, I am ashamed to type that. Then it was back to the choir show on Wednesday. I need help.

2. I went to the Dancing With The Stars Live Tour....with my mom, and her friend...the "golden girls." To add to the injury, it turned into a Wayne Newton concert because he couldn't dance. So i've added about 50 yrs to my life and will be sprouting a grey bee hive any minute.

3. I went in public without a bra. There is no excuse but I do have an explanation. Our sink decided it would be down right awesome if both sides filled up with water. Water that would just drain from one side into the other with the disposal running. The smell was horendous. I had dirty dishes all over my counter waiting to be cleaned. It was just not cool. In a decision not to dirty any unnecessary dishes I decided we needed to go to a drive thru and it had to be quick. It was already 11:30, we don't live near any drive thrus. I also needed to hit the ATM. So, it was me in sweats and a very large tshirt and sweatshirt. I made sure not to get out at the ATM with anyone there, but still, not a high moment in my life. I DID BRUSH MY HAIR BEFORE WE LEFT. So, technically the only person that saw me was the drive thru guy at KFC--but still. My grandma would be mortified.

In other news, Ryan has napped the last 2 days :) and I'm taking pictures and will steal the idea of a holiday home tour and show you some of my decorating soon.


LizzieFish said...

it's okay - i watched the choir show, too. we did flip back and forth between sports center and the show because all of the emotional drama was just too much for me. personally, i think team la belle rocked it.

can't wait for your decallation photos! =)

Chelle, Mike, Max, and Maggie said...

Really Liz... Paul watched with you? He REALLY must have missed you! LOL I just end up watching HGTV, FoodTV and Discovery Health. I'm a whole different kinda a geek :o) And Brandi you are brave because if I had to confess my list would be WAY worse than yours... but I'm not gonna...