Monday, December 17, 2007

Tis the season for...

1. Colds. Yuck. Ryan had a runny nose and was congested for over a week. We are lucky that he doesn't let colds stop him. He still eats well (totally from Ethan's side of the family) and plays. And he actually took a few naps on my lap because ofcourse, I didn't put him in his crib for rest time and let a sick kid cry for an hour--even though my dad (aka Dr. Spock) probably thinks I did. BUT I DIDN'T. For an entire week, or more, there has been no rest time, for either of us. It was tough. That relates to night time...because again, couldn't let him cry if he woke up. He would float away in a sea of snot I'm pretty sure. So, we had about 5 nights of him sleeping in our bed at some random time in the night. And on those lovely nights he would take him about an hour to settle in, after I told him he couldn't have a lollipop (duh) or honk my nose or sit up and ask to watch TV. Good times. Then came the time to say no more in our bed. He was no longer sick. I actually think he got an extra night already and I knew it was going to be hard. Man, was I right. My little man is hoarse from all of the crying he has done the last two nights. I feel terrible...really I do, but I know its for his own good. Luckily last night he only woke up once and was back asleep in 10 minutes. Please no more colds!!! And I hope he hoarse throat clears soon because I can't let him cry for rest

2. Holiday parties. Usually fun. We get to see friends we don't see all the time. We had a gift exchange with my friends from college. We do a "favorite things" theme (yes i stole it from Oprah). Ryan's new word is "home" so whenever we go anywhere he likes to stand at the door, cry and say "home." It really is lovely. And I CONSTANTLY have to explain that its just his personality...a bit grumpy, or some would say he is a thinker. Very serious. Yes, we have tons of pictures of him smiling and he is a beautiful child, but moody as you would not believe. So while all the other kids are running around playing he is at the door crying. Again, good times. But I got a fabulous ultra suede photo album that can actually be used for scrapping as well and I think my wedding pics finally have a home. Not a scrapbooked home, but a home none the less because I'm sure one day when I have "free time" I'll get around to it.

3. Shopping. I do love to shop, but not with a 2 yr old. My mother in law has been watching Ryan about twice a week so I can go to the gym...which has turned into shopping (remember, Tis the season). You would not believe how fast I can shop without a child (ofcourse you would, you are all moms). Honestly, its fantastic. I only have two more people to buy for and they are probably going to get gift cards because they are hard to shop for. And...most of my stuff is wrapped or in bags. Yeah for me. How I did this with hardly any sleep (almost falling off my bed that was dominated by a 2 yr old and husband) and just general sleep/sick anxiety I will never know.

4. Christmas decor. Yeah! Love it. Sadly we did the fake tree again this year. What is even more sad is that our tree is only half decorated, as in the the top to the middle. Why you might ask? Should I mention the 2 yr old again? Or the 2 dogs? Enough said. I even have to barricade the tree when we leave, just in case the plastic eating dog is hungry. But still, at night when the lights are on its pretty. I got a little more festive this year since I had a little more time (not just moved and living with boxes like last year). I have some ribbon above the mantle where there is a weird insert for pics I guess. I put a wreath there (still needs to be decorated) but its kinda cute how it is. I put garland on the stairs and even tied bows on the bottom bannister. Bows I made myself! My friend and I made a wreath for my front door and it rocks.

5. Food. Can't wait for the pies!


LizzieFish said...

aw, poor sick baby! i'm glad he's feeling better and gosh i'd LOVE to see a picture of your cute front door wreath. =)

ps - i moderate the comments on my blog, so they don't show up right away. i put all of your up b/c they're funny!


Chelle, Mike, Max, and Maggie said...

Great photo of the family! I TOTALLY know what you mean about the sick kid in the bed and paying for it later... been there, done that! Glad Ryan is better. And how come I moved close to family too and no one watches my kids so I can go shopping?! Man I got ripped - no SoCal sun AND no babysitters (pouting).