Monday, February 4, 2008

Double Zero

Well, I forgot to mention another bad thing about the bridesmaid dress shopping. Someone came in to look for a dress, could have been prom, or maybe the girl was in a wedding. I just know she was young and had her mom with her...ok, yes my mom was with me too, doesn't make me young. Anyway, the mother wanted to make sure they had a size double zero, because that is what size she wears in jeans. WTF? Seriously. Come on. Isn't zero bad enough? Now there is a double zero. And I have to say, the mom was very proud of her daughter being a double zero and had to say it several times. I wanted to scream "go eat some bread!" Ok, now I feel better. Kinda. Not really. We went to the fabric store last weekend and got lots of samples to send to my friend the bride, unfortunately, cornflower blue can be all sorts of different hues, and nothing was close to the swatch she sent me. The accent color, and the color that was going to be a large band around my waist (help hide the tummy...yay!) was sailor. Apparently sailor is between royal and which northern california has never heard of. I also picked up some periwinkle and while I think its closer to lavender, i like it much better. But again, its not my wedding and there is a very real real real possibility I will be back at the bridal store, under those terrible lights trying on that dress again and placing an order...sigh.

Let's see, what else. Ryan is coming along fantastically with his vocabulary. His speech therapy is going well, and they are no longer concerned with his acquisition or pronunciation. So, he just gets to play with Ms. Lisa once a week and he likes her so that is good. He automatically gets to stay in the program until he turns 3, and if she decides to, she can cut his therapy to twice a month instead. We are understanding almost everything he says, he knows his numbers 1-10 by site, and the entire alphabet by site. Preschool Prep rocks. Now we are working on letters with sounds. We have noticed some interesting things about the way he says some words. While some of it is just habit, especially some of the first words he learned to say, he sometimes substitutes letter sounds that are actually harder than the sound he is supposed to make. He also has a perfection issue, and will not even try some words, like banana. They were doing flash cards and when she shows him the picture of a banana he says "all done, away"...after he did the entire box and repeated every single word. He can say ambulance clearly...but some easier words he won't even try. I think its just a personality thing.

Next weekend Ethan and I are going to San Diego for our friend's 40th birthday. Its going to be a quick trip in and out, but desperately needed. We are just tired. From waking up at 5am (Ryan's new wake up..suck) and then Ethan staying up late working on his presentation he gave last week, we are run down. Oh, and I've been staying up reading The Golden Compass trilogy. FREAKIN LOVE IT.

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Jenn said...

Double freaking zero??? *sigh* ewww.

See now Allie is a chatterbox and you can understand her perfectly...better than some 3 year olds....but she doesn't know individual letters (other than A- for Allie) or numbers by name.

*shrug* They learn differant things at differant times I guess.