Thursday, June 5, 2008


DO NOT hit enter after putting in your title...that posts directly. DUH. I am awesome. Another thing, do not use the broiler when you are storing plastic paraphenalia in your oven. Oh yes, pictures are on the way. I have created a melted plastic masterpiece that I am sure will be in a museum one day. After airing out the house to make sure we didn't poison ourselves with toxic fumes (thank you to Ethan for telling me "THATS POISON"...makes a mom feel great!), I called my sister and had this conversation:

Me: Hey what are you doing
Sis: Just finished dinner and I'm watching TV, why
Me: Oh, I was making dinner
Sis: What are you making, i made pasta
Me: I was broiling pork chops
Sis: with applesauce? (yes too much Brady Bunch at our house)
Me: No. Yuck. Anyway, I was broiling pork chops and I left some stuff in the oven
Sis: Oh
Me: And one of those things happens to be your cake pan with the plastic lid
Sis: No big deal, mom bought it. I didn't pay for it.
Me: Really, mom gave me some too. You can have mine if you want but I think I'll be able to save the pan if I can peel off the melted plastic. It was sitting on top of my favorite plastic pie server which I use to transport cookies, scones, etc.
Sis: Thanks for the notification

And now I am compelled to tell you about the scones that were left in the melted pie server. YOU MUST GO TO COST PLUS AND BUY SCONE MIX. All you do is add water. Totally my kind of baking. They are fantastic. I prefer the blueberry, chocolate or raspberry. The apricot was yucky. And I'm going to miss my pie server that never had a pie in it. Its basically a round plastic thing with an attached lid. It has stored and tranported many a cake, but never a pie.

And before you ask, because you should already know, I have to store things in the oven because of my dog Shelby. We cannot leave any food item on the counter when we are gone so the oven and microwave are usually stuffed with something. This particular night I was in a rush and didn't think about opening the oven before I turned on the broiler. Some of you with a more sophisticated oven would say "dont' you have to open the oven door?" BUT NO, not at this house, where the broiler is at the bottom of the oven--where most ovens have a drawer where you store cookie sheets--that is where my broiler is. We like to cook on the floor. This has got to be the cheapest oven on the market. It is not self cleaning, there is no light or beep to tell you when the oven is pre-heated. And as I mentioned, we get to broil on the floor. I expected much better from a house this size and that was not a cheap house when it was built. I guess some apartment ovens are like this...but I'm pretty sure I never broiled--EVER--in college so I wouldn't know. I ate things like brozen corn dogs and ramen and mac n cheese and spaghetti. No broiling required.

Ok, so now that I have used the word AND a gazillion times, it is time to do something else. There will be an ever exciting post coming up about our real estate issues. We decided to get a realtor because Ethan does not have the time to represent us so we have started the process and WOW. There are just too many decisions. I want to crawl under a rock. We are not first time homebuyers (this will be #3) and we have lived in 5 houses together, so we should know what we want. At least we thought we knew what we wanted. But with a child we have to think more about neighborhood and schools and parks get it.

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Our Family of Four said...

MMMM... baked plastic for dinner. My favorite!

Don't worry, I've made that mistake too. Just sucks you lost one of your fav containers!