Sunday, June 1, 2008

Hurry hurry

I'm in a hurry because Ryan is in the bath (late again) and this time there is a time limit. This kid can streeeeeeeeeeeeeetch bath time out. And, I think Ethan gets bored sitting in there. And, there seem to be a lot of threats like "if you get me wet again." :)

The guest room did get done in time, and we had a nice visit with my friend and her fiance. I'm pretty sure this will not be his vacation destination in the future. It was the first time he had been to her "home town" and I don't think he was impressed. We had a nice night, except for the heavy metal band that came to play mid-way through dinner. Honestly, at a mexican restaurant. Ridiculous. They had the nerve to ask if we were "staying for the show" then asked for the $5 cover. Uh, NO thanks. And, if Ryan ever wears skinny jeans I will throw up (actually I would throw up if I ever wear skinny jeans). Needless to say we finished our drinks outside which was less noisy, but full of teenagers. I don't like teenagers, and I hope Ryan never acts like one...which is ofcourse A LOT to ask. I guess there isn't a question as to why I only taught highschool for two years.

Ryan had his official last day of speech. We decided to go ahead and transition him out early and as his parting act he decided to steal his teacher's ambulance. After 6 months of therapy once a week and never taking anything he decides the last day is a good time to be Mr. Sticky Fingers. I have been so careful not to mix toys and to make sure she doesn't leave anything behind. Then about an hour later he says "yook mommy ms. yisa's ambulance." Then he ran around all day calling it "Ryan's ambulance." I told him he had to give it back, but when I e-mailed her she said he could keep it. He was the only kid out of 22 in her group that could say ambulance :) We are so proud of him (not for the stealing part) not just for advancing so quickly, but for doing it with a good attitude. I know he is only 2.5, but I could tell that he was trying to do what was asked of him. Years from now when Ryan is working on his quadratic equations and speaking several foreign languages we'll say "remember when he had a severe expressive speech delay." I'm also kinda proud of myself for picking myself up out of the "my poor baby has a speech delay" and really rolling with it. I learned a lot and have passed on a ton of information. I have referred several people to our local program (one evaluation actually caught a hearing loss) and found a similar program in San Diego County for another friend. I think in a few years you might hear that I am headed back to school for my MS in Speech Pathology. It could happen...


McCoyFamily said...

Way to go Ryan!!! Ambulance is such a big word.... Glad to hear Ryan did so well!

Our Family of Four said...

YEAH Ryan and I highly recommend the ST job. I LOVE it and it's great for family life. Also, no matter where you move you can find a job. Okay, I'm done pushing :o)