Monday, June 9, 2008

Someone should DO something

I guess that someone should be me. I have a long "to do" list...and I hate "to do" lists. I like making them for other people, but don't like to participate in the actual "doing"...know what I mean? Some things that need to get done:

1) Download pics - yes, i finally took pics of my cute clearance bag from Target, and the plastic melted masterpiece of last week, and the pearl necklaces i have to show the bride in case she wants me to wear one

2) Pick up my dyed shoes that were supposed to be ready know they probably forgot about them--how dare I buy them early--so I'm sure they are drying as we speak. The shoes are kind of a necessity to do the hem of the dress and mom is in a little bit of a panic. She wants it done so i have time to take it to be pressed at the cleaners....oh crap, add that to the list.

3) Find some "suck it in" underwear because the Walmart garment hurts my ribs....i'm not sure i can wear it all day. i only wore it for an hour and it hurt so bad, then it continued to cause pain after it was off. not good.

4) Meet the realtor today and look at houses, because its a good idea to throw yourself into house hunting mode right before you take 2 vacations in a row

5) Get extra keys made so the people that are taking care of Ryan and the dogs can enter without using the garage door opener (which someone always forgets somewhere)

6) Pack for this weekend at the condo. Our first family vacation, not counting visiting here when we lived in SD. The list to pack is huge, and its only 3 days, 2 nights. I also checked the weather for our location. I thought we were going up in the mountains and that it would be cooler than, high 90s. YES! Everyone vacations where its hotter than where they live, right?

7) Complete the "Ryan's schedule/routine" document that is now already 4 pages typed for when we are gone in DC. I know its anal, but it makes me feel better. The more time I put into it the more I feel they won't need it. It also has our itinerary, etc so its not totally about Ryan...just 95%.

8) Update the will and get copies of Ryan's medical card/authorize medical treatment while we are gone.

9) Laundry!

10) Stop reading the teen fiction book I just got at Amazon because I am addicted...who would have thought vampire romance was my kind of book?

So, these are all totally do-able. Things are a bit messy since we leave Saturday for the condo, come back late Monday night, then leave Thursday for DC. I'm sure 2 days is enough to get Ryan back on schedule after sleeping in the same room as us and probably not taking a nap for 2 days...not to mention re-packing. OH MY...


McCoyFamily said...

Have fun on all your vacations!

Maria said...

Invest in them now, save your waistline forever!
They suck it all in and don't hurt!

Have a great time on your vacas!

Maria said...
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Lizzie Fish said...

just tackle it one thing at a time. to-do lists are insane when you look at the whole thing. just baby steps. you can do it!!!

and yeah, knock-offs are great for some things, but not dairy products or restrictive undergarments. just get the spanx. you'll spend as much buying a bunch of crappy wannabes as you would just getting the real thing.


(PLUS of COURSE it sucks. you BOUGHT it at WALMART.)