Thursday, July 12, 2007

Pixie Woods

Yesterday my mom and I took Ryan to Pixie Woods. Its a small theme park for kids/toddlers. There are climbing structures, a train, carousel, water sprayers, etc. All Ryan wanted to do was sit in the fire truck, walk up and down a ramp, and skip around. Yes...I said skip. Not sure when he learned that, but he was 'a skippin' today. I took a zillion pictures and couldn't get one of him looking at me. We had some tantrums, mostly because we wouldn't let him sit on the fire truck all day. This kid beats to his own drum. He likes to wonder around aimlessly, but when he finds something cool he wants to stay there and do only that.

Picture #1 - Ryan stopping to smell the flowers

Picture #2 - snack time

Picture #3 - sitting in the stage coach

Picture #4 - the fire truck (and our first tantrum of the day)

Picture #5 - on the carousel with grandma. he desperately wanted off (do you like how my mom made it look like she was having fun?)

Picture #6 - Ryan standing just outside the water spray area looking at the kids running around and screaming like they are crazy.

One day I will learn to post captions under my pictures and they will be in order...maybe not.


Mama's Moon said...

These pix are simply adorable! Just wanted to drop in and say 'Hi!', and also a thanks for visiting us at Dad Said, Mom Said. The moving thing - it's a pretty big adjustment all around. We thought we'd make it without family around but, well, four years and another child later I found myself calling out for my own mommy! The bright side of it all: we're closer to San Diego - we just love, love, love that town!

BTW, where is Pixie Woods? In Northern California? Did I miss this all these years I've lived here???

Have a great weekend!

kalyn said...

Ryan is SO CUTE!!! It looks like you had such a good day! =)

Liz said...

...which is why you should have a girl. 1) you already know you and your husband create some gorgeous babies and 2) shopping for girls is SO FUN. =)

happy sunday!