Monday, July 23, 2007


I've been meaning to blog for days, I just don't know what happened. I guess just stuff. Anyway, the neighbors were outside until 3am Friday night. This time I could even hear them with the windows closed. I got no sleep. I devised a plan that when Ryan woke up at 5:30 I would let him go in the backyard and be as noisy as he wanted! But then I was too tired to even go downstairs and let him play in our room for a while. Usually I try and keep him inside til 8am....that's me, just being considerate--AGAIN.

So, after a night with no sleep I went to see The Fray with my sister and her friends. I was also the driver. It was about 150 miles roundtrip. I just hate driving at night and not knowing where I am. We were also supposed to have dinner at Chipotle but could never find it. Damn Yahoo maps. The concert was fun, but I had never heard of the two opening bands. We got home at 1am and still I COULD NOT SLEEP. Something is wrong with me.

I was going to brag about Ryan's new schedule, but he already switched back. For 2 weeks he went to bed at 7 and woke up at 6. It was fantastic and I'm trying very hard to bring that schedule back. We also had a no nap Saturday and a 30min nap Sunday. This kid will not nap if his daddy is home. It is getting ridiculous over here with all the daddy love.

We've already been to a 10am playdate at the park with water sprayers. Yeah! I'm hoping for at least an hour nap today and try to get us back on track. Mondays are just plain hard.

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