Monday, July 9, 2007


More than meets the eye? I guess. I have seen movies way worse than Transformers. I will admit (to you, but not Ethan) that it had an interesting storyline. The acting was decent for an action film. I will even say I was impressed with the special effects. So there...What did annoy me was halfway through the movie Ethan leans over and says "we might have to get a camaro." Ok...let's see. We just bought a 2005 Honda S2000 2 months ago! Its not the Corvette he wanted, and he had to settle, but come he seriously thinking about getting rid of that for a camaro? The car talk is gonna kill me. I had a 1992 camaro. Red Rosie. We kept her even after I got the Passat because Ethan liked driving it better than his 99 Dakota. But there was a time when she had to go and I'm pretty sure there was a tear in his eye. There were no tears when we said goodbye to the Passat! Freakin money pit. Anyway...

Ethan definately will buy Transformers on dvd, and I'm pretty sure Ryan will be getting some Transformer toys that daddy will "help" him play with. Fine by me. I'm glad he enjoyed it. It brought him back to when he was a kid and that is great. I got lunch at Chilis. Works for me.

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Mike said...

*runs to Jenn*
If Ethan gets one, can I have one too?