Wednesday, July 25, 2007

We love our Nikki Sue

We had a scare with one of our dogs yesterday, and I'm glad to report its not as bad as we thought. We recently introduced some "senior" food into their diet, as they are 9.5 and 8 yrs old. They both have sensitive stomachs and had reactions. Don't worry...I won't go into detail. Then yesterday Nikki couldn't stand up. We assumed her tummy hurt, but had never seen her like that before. Ethan's sister works at a vet so she picked her up in the AM for some testing. I was a basket case all day. Nikki is our first true pet as a family. I had a cat before we got married, but Ethan doesn't count her. We got Nikki 2 months after we were married. She came home with us and acted like she had been with us always. She is a daddy's girl, which is the reason we got another dog a year later. I NEEEDED SOME LOVE.
Turns out the food switch was just a fluke. Nikki has severe arthritis in her back. She has bone spurs growing on her spine. The xrays We're so thankful the vet took her time and noticed she had a tender spot during examination, and just didn't assume it was the food switch. We are also thankful it wasn't a problem with her pancreas or liver. She is now on meds and walking around.
We just really love her. She is the kind of dog that knows when you're upset. She will lay in bed with you when you are sick. We just love her, now and always.


kalyn said...

YAY!! I am glad sweet littel Nikki Sue is okay- isn't a dog truly the best? Speaking of- my Mom found a lump on my dog, Merlot'sthigh a couple of days ago- and she went into the vets today. The vet said it needed to come off immediately, but he wasn't TOO worried. I'll know more after Monday :( I love dogs (sorry Brandi- I hate cats) and they are amazing animals, I love how they can feel your pain, and are always there for you RIGHT when you need em'.

Liz said...

ohhh i'm so glad she's feeling better!

Jenn said...

OH and she's so cute!! How can you not love that face!

Hope she is doing, and continue's to do better.

and good for you....A PICTURE!!! =o)