Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Some annoyances

Thanks everyone for the support on the speech delay. It is just something to get used to, but Ryan is progressing fantastically on his own. He is even starting to sign "more" and his vocaulary list is growing everyday. It really is a step in the right direction, and I'm hoping a few months of therapy will get him to where he needs to be. But...

The therapist assigned to Ryan called today. Her opening is Fridays at 12:15. Who wants that? Apparently no one, that is why it was offered to us. Are they completely clueless? This is a 2 yr old that needs a nap...oh, lunch is good too. Geez. Ryan usually starts his nap anywhere between 12-1, depending on what time he woke up. I hope I didn't sound like an ungrateful ass, but honestly, he is not going to be productive during these sessions if he is tired or hungry. I know my child. I know how far I can go with his schedule, and trust me, 12:15 (even if he has lunch first) is too late. That means he won't get into his crib til about 1:30 and that is just too late for a kid that normally wakes up at 6:00. Plus, lunch is an ongoing process. It can take him 30-45 minutes to finish. He is a grazer. I don't like it, but thats who he is. I quit fighting him about it long ago when I realized that fighting = him not eating. So, sometimes we start lunch at 11:30 and by around 12:30 he is done...that was what happened today. I cannot imagine trying to start an hour of therapy at 12:15. She was supposed to e-mail the other therapists to see if they had openings that were more convenient. *sigh*

And I have to write about this because I'm hoping some of y'all will say it has happened to you and not to worry. I took Ryan to Sears for his 2 yr pics yesterday. I made a 10:00 am appointment. Definately not in the way of lunch or nap. He had a snack before we left, all was good. He was so damn cute in his khaki pants and sweater vest. But there was meltdown after meltdown. First he saw the red car, the car he had his 18m pics in. I finally gave in and let him take a picture in the car. That would be the only picture she took. After 30 minutes of torture I told her to forget it and asked to see the picture. She said she couldn't sell it to me unless there were 6 poses. WTF? Come on...if I would have known that I would have told her to take pictures of him crying so we could meet our quota. I was just done. DONE. Embarassed. Exhausted. Done. I even bribed him with a lollipop and that didn't work. And because I am a terrible parent and let my frusteration get the best of me I said, "well, later you're gonna get a shot."

I know....terrible, but it was true. Ryan had his 2 yr check up yesterday. Again...super fun. He cries from the time the doctor walks in (he already had a pop before he came in) until the doctor leaves. No stopping. Crying in my ear. Terrible. He didn't do this in San Diego, but I only think that was because he wasn't old enough to know what was happening. For some reason 2 is this magical age where he knows everything. Like he knows now that we don't go to bed when he does, and he thinks he is missing something, so he has to cry for 10 minutes after we get downstairs. He doesn't cry when we lay him down or when we leave. He waits for us to get our dinner and start eating or watching a movie and them BAM, he has to let us know he is not happy about going to bed.
I also got a lecture from the doctor about not brushing his teeth good enough. In my defense I didn't brush them before we went, and he had eaten an orange and drank that veggie/fruit juice and I noticed he had orange stuff on his teeth. Gross, but I just didn't think to brush his teeth, so I'm sure they looked bad, but whatever. So, i'll wrestle him to the ground and do a better job. Lovely. When the doctor came back with the vaccine and flu shot I had given Ryan a lollipop to make the screaming stop and the doctor freaked out, told me sugar was the last thing he needed. WORST MOMMY RIGHT HERE EVERYONE. I AM TAKING A BOW RIGHT NOW.

Really, I've been a bit too complainy lately. So, to end on a better note, Ryan said "uncle" yesterday and my brother is so excited. He also said "light truck" for a truck that has flashing lights...thats right, 2 words together! He is signing "more" like crazy and if I'm doing something in the kitchen he will say "up sit" for me to pick him up and sit him on the counter. I love that little boy...but sure would love him to say mom :)


liz said...

hello, a lollipop is exactly what he needed b/c it's exactly what YOU needed. maybe the dr. was having a hard day - or maybe the dr. should have chosen something like internal medicine where you're less likely to come across terrified and cranky toddlers.

i'm just saying. =)

Chelle, Mike, Max, and Maggie said...

Ditto Liz... in my world lollipops are magic child tamers!

Oh, and call the therapist back and tell her NO for the 12:15 time. I've been there and that time is best for the kids who take 2 naps and are nice and fresh from the end of the first one. They WILL give you another time if you flat out tell them no. Why waste everyone's time. If you want to e-mail please do. I hate to be negative but I really, really, really dislike those programs and I know - I worked for one. Sorry, maybe you got lucky with this one but I'm betting not.

Brandi said...

Thanks! Yes, I told them a firm NO and am waiting for them to check with the other therapists to see if they have openings. I'm hoping I get the woman who evaluated him cuz I really liked her!

liz said...

brandi - about your comment: i'm totally not offended! my first five pounds go straight to the boobal region. then vickies and a belt strategically placed and voila! va-va-va-Voom! =)

Maria said...

We would NEVER take that time! What's the point?
Oh and btw, Andy doesn't say mom either. Nandy, Daddy, The Baby, The Matt, Wiz, Caw-wee, Uncle Jeff and various other important people, but not mom. (Sigh) But he did tell our therapist on Mon, that he was going to see Mommy and The Matt when they finished. So he does at least know who I am even if he couldn't be bothered to call me by name.