Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanks...and nap strike and blood and eggs

Its a bit late, but Happy Thanksgiving. We had a nice gathering here because its easier for Ryan to do it here, our house is bigger, blah blah blah. It just means a lot of cleaning for me but at least I don't have to make a turkey. Mom takes care of that. I am only responsible for the greenbean casserole. Yum.

I am thankful for a lot of things, especially my family and friends, and ofcourse, my happy, healthy little boy. We really are blessed. I really have been thinking about that a lot lately. When Ethan wrecked his "fun" car it really didn't matter. Its a luxury, not a necessity. When it was time to renew our health insurance and the cost went up a little, oh well. We have good insurance! Ryan had another off night where he was up from 2:30-4am and I was freaking out, but a friend reminded me to breathe. Those things happen and it will pass. And though I'm not letting him sleep with us again, it was so cute to roll over and watch him sleep. He looks so peaceful, and sleeps just like his daddy.

Something I'm not too keen on is the nap strike. Ryan hasn't taken a nap in 4 days. How do you go from 2hr naps to no nap? Please tell me. I am not ready for the no nap stage. At this age he does not understand the "rest" time either. But, I need a break, he needs to wind down whether he sleeps or not. I'm hoping this all magically gets fixed when Ethan goes back to work. I'm not blaming him (kinda) but he has been home for 4 you see a pattern? Ryan usually takes shorter naps on the weekends when daddy is home, but at least he naps. So, with the few nights of waking up and sleeping with us, there is also the fact that no alarm is going off at 5:30am, no one is being noisy in the morning (Ethan is noisy!!!), etc. Ryan has slept in til almost 7am. Unheard of. So, I hope (please please please) that his is just some weird schedule thing and that when Ethan goes back to work tomorrow Ryan will wake up around 6 and be tired enough to nap. Please. And yes, I would rather him get up at 6 and nap than get up at 7 and not nap. Call me crazy. He now had to go to bed earlier to counter act the no nap. It really is just a juggling act over here. But by 5:00pm we are all melting down.

We've had some interesting stuff going on here. My brother was at the local bowing alley (seriously, not much to do here) and there was a shooting in the parking lot. Thankfully my brother was inside and didn't even hear it, but when he went outside he wasn't allowed to drive the truck home because um...there was blood on it. GROSS. How do you go home and tell your dad you had to leave his truck in a parking lot because its part of a crime scene? Then when we went to leave today we noticed Ethan's truck got egged. Come on, people still do that? Really, there has to be something--anything else to do.

New words: Ryan said van and bunny yesterday!

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