Wednesday, November 28, 2007

How did we end up together?

Today I'm at the gym, being irritated at the Ipod. Well, not the Ipod, more like Ethan because during my non gym phase a few months ago (when my brother went back to work and I lost my babysitter) Ethan decided he was going to "borrow" my Ipod and use it when he went to the gym. So, he downloads a bunch of his music on it, then never uses it. I'm back at the gym because my mother in law retired (YEAH) and she comes over twice a week to watch Ryan. Total Score.

I'm on the treadmill, staring out into the strip mall, thanking God that I don't have to go to a laundromat (washing machine, dryer, and dishwasher might be the best inventions ever) and realize I'm spending way too much time switching songs. Why you might ask? Because Ethan's music taste is about as far away from mine as possible.

Now, I like some kick ass music when I work out. I admit that. Something has to keep me motivated or there is no way I can stay on the ellyptical for 25 min. But seriously, our tastes are so different it amazes me we are a couple...neverthless a married couple for 8 yrs, and we've been together for 15!

Here are some examples of what he put on the Ipod:
Limp Bizkit
Kid Rock
White Stripes
Johnny Cash
And lots of other music that is loud. I can't remember the name of the group that sings "Like a Stone" know, where you can't understand the singer cuz he mumbles so badly. Well, they are on there too. There's lots more...I'm just forgetting.

Oh wait...the soundtrack from The Last of the Mohicans. WTF? I hope you are thinking WTF cuz I was when that music started playing. Because music that people die to is really motivating.

And it just made me wonder how the hell we got together in the first place. We don't like the same music, or the same extra curriculuar acitivities, or movies...or food...I'm just trying to figure out if its weird, or if thats why we've managed to stay together this long. If we were too alike would we bore eachother to tears? Ethan is mild mannered and calm, you can't rattle him easily. I ofcourse am emotinal, get upset, and am what he calls "fiesty." I think he needed a fiesty woman, but thats just me.

I read a ton, he has probably read less than 5 books in our 8 yrs of marriage. I would like a nice romantic comedy or drama and he likes movies where there are explosions and elaborate fights and car chases and lots of people have to die. As for food, I could do without meat (except for hamburgers). For him its not a meal if there is no meat. For vacation, he would plan activities for every minute. I would like maybe one every other day, and like to chill out on the beach with a book the rest of the time. He cannot sit still for 5 seconds. Maybe thats why we didn't go to the beach much...he would hound me to play frisbee and I just wanted to SIT.

Never knew an Ipod could be so thought provoking did you!


Chelle, Mike, Max, and Maggie said...

OMG that was hillarious! And yes, Mike has the same crappy taste in music - I think it's the testosterone! But other than that we agree on a lot and like many of the same things. We're not clones mind you - and he reads waaaaay more than I do but then I don't have the time anymore. Hmmm, guess sometimes it's the differences that attract as well as the similarities. My parents are like you guys and they've been married FOREVER! My mom says she married my dad because he was so different (and trust me - there are no 2 people MORE disalike, if that's a word). So there ya go...

Maria said...

John likes his "angry white boy" music and I like my "ghetto stomp", we couldn't be more different in our tastes. We do meet in the middle with classic rock. My parents have been married 35 years (in three weeks) and they disagree so much that even though there are two recliners in the living room, my dad watches TV in his "hut" or study in the basement. He only comes up for food and to watch the news with my mom! Oh and to walk the dog! But they're so sickly cute that when they go on vacation people ask if they're honeymooners. BARF!

liz said...

i love this post! it's funny because we were just tonight looking at our itunes accounts and laughing about hooowwww different they are! i think paul's ipod might implode if i tried to put some zen crunchy-granola tree-hugger zone-out music on there. or enya! HAHA can you IMAGINE???