Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy 2nd Birthday Ryan!

Two years ago today, at 4:55 p.m., in Oceanside, California, Ryan Anthony was born. He weighed 8lbs 2 oz, and was 20.5 inches long. It is hard for me to believe its been two years. The first year went by slow, probably due to lack of sleep, but the second year has flown by--maybe due to sleep!

Two years ago at halloween all my neighbors stopped by to trick or treat asking where the baby was. Then I would stand up and they laughed. No one could believe I was still pregnant.

I called the hospital at 4:00 am to make sure we were still on for the induction. I guess there could have been a rash of babies born and they had to make sure they had room for me. Who would have thought these things? I hopped in the shower, and we left. Then it was insurance time...that took forever. I don't think I got to my room til around 6:00, instead of 5:00. AM. Man, thats early. I was wearing my navy blue sweats (i still have them) a maternity tank top and a long sleeved denim shirt. See, parts of my memory aren't gone :)

Then it was more paperwork, more questions, monitors, stuff. I think the pitocin started around 6:00. My doctor came around 7:00 to break my water and there was not a lot going on. Ethan and I were kind of bored actually. My family was waiting at the house. No need to rush. By about 8:30 I called to tell them we were bored and they could come provide entertainment.

I am not sure at what point the contractions started. All I can say is that it was major back pain like I have never felt. And, I am a back pain expert with a car accident and ski accident to prove it. It hurt bad. Ironically, I had no abdominal pain at all. The strong Brandi that said she was going to wait on the epidural was fighing with the more logical Brandi who wanted it NOW. Unfortunately, though the contractions were regular, the dilation was slow. I was given Stadol through the iv and it did nothing. Absolutely nothing. About an hour later I told the nurse this was serious business and something had to be done (ok, maybe not those words). She checked me again, and I was still 3. She told me she had an order not to give an epidural until at least 4. That seemed like a lifetime away. Lucky for me, she had pity in her eyes and called for one. I LOVE NURSE CHERYL.

At 12:30 I got an epidural. So, I get some props for being on pitocin for 6 hrs without it. It was a whole other world. I had this glorious idea to take a nap, rest up. But I couldn't. I drifted in and out, waking to see everyone watching me. Then at 2:30 i was 8cm. What? Excuse me, but I was just enjoying the calmness. What do you mean we're gonna "get ready." Apparently going from 3-8 in 2 hrs is fast. Who knew?
Then it seemed like my doctor was calling every 2 seconds and annoying my nurse to no end. And then I was pushing...and I was told I wasn't a good pusher. Again, who knew? That went on for hours, with the doctor calling to check my progress. I guess she was just gonna pop on over at the last minute. So, props for the nurses. THEY DO IT ALL. At some point the nurse needed to call my doctor and asked for my permission to mention the vacuum. She thought it would make a difference. I said yes, and should have been scared but wasn't. Our lamaze class went over all of that and actually showed us what it looked like, so I was ok. After hours of pushing I needed all the help I could get.

At some point my doctor swooped in, and all I can remember is her complaining that there was no hook to hang her white doctor coat on. Poor thing. Cuz if i could have stopped what I was doing I'm sure I would have held it for her. But I was busy. I should mention at this time that my mom and Ethan were holding my legs and helping with the counting. My sister and my friend Ginger were also there. My dad and brother were on the other side of the curtain, and ran out when I threw up. No visuals for them. I'm pretty sure Ethan was close to collapse but he hung in there. At times I think he didn't say one word at all during those pushing hours, other than counting.

My doctor evaluated my pushing technique which again was a fail, so we discussed the vacuum. I'm not sure there was much more than "yes, please get him out." She said he was stuck getting around the pelvis and my pushing was not enough. So, with the help of the vacuum he was out in two pushes. I never thought I would like a vacuum so much!

So, that was about 11 hours. Not bad for a first baby induction. And here we are today. Wow. We have a little boy that makes us smile and laugh everyday. He has taught us so much about patience and joy. I just hope we are teaching him enough in return.

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