Thursday, March 20, 2008

Answers...and Dora the Explorer

I realized if I get enough people to read my blog (you know I love all 4 of you!) that I could just answer questions from the comments and not have to think of anything interesting myself. But then when there are no comments I'm kind of screwed. But anyway...

As for Disneyland, I have re-thought my rules and decided that potty trained is not a must. Changing diapers really isn't that bad. I wouldn't mind stopping a few times to do it. But, I will not back down on the NAP. He will have to be on a no nap schedule for a few months before I think anyone should attempt this trip. My sister is begging to take him NOW and really I am just trying to spare her, and make sure she continues to love him like she does cuz after a few days with a child that doesn't nap but still NEEDS a nap, bad things happen. And, let us not forget the 6+ hour car ride to get there...and the fact that he will be sleeping in an unfamiliar place and wacked out on sugar and out of his mind....and totally over stimulated. So, let's wait til next summer AT LEAST. And my sister doesn't read this, but i will clarify summr of 09. Not this summer. And truly, we should be starting potty training now. It is my fault we haven't started, but I plan to...really I do.

Dora. Ryan first found out about Dora a few weeks ago when I was sick and the Nick channel was on all day because I was near death and it kept him quiet. It also has something to do with the fact that we lost the remote to the TV so one of our inputs was stuck on that channel. We have 4 video inputs, it is extremely complicated. Actually i think there are 5 because there is an input 0. I was told that everything would be better when we got our new TV (handed down from my parents because they got an awesome flat screen). This TV was newer than ours and would allow us to watch TV channels 0-99 when the Tivo was recording instead of our old TV where we could only watch 0-10. We don't know why. IT JUST WORKED OUT THAT WAY AND THE ENGINEER HUSBAND SAID SO. Got it? Didn't think so. I believe that Video 0 is the input we can watch if we are recording something else. Video 1 is our Tivo, but we usually watch TV on this input if its not recording. Video 2 is nothing that i know of. Video 3 is for the Wii and dvd/vcr. Video 4....again, nothing. So when we switch between o-1 a cartoon usually flashes on the screen and Ryan has to watch it. Tantrums ensue, its fun.

Anyway, we were stuck on Nick (i have since changed the channel manually on the TV--who knew?). He saw Dora, I let him watch it. No big deal. Then Diego came on and he told me "NO mommy Dora." He is not interested one bit in Diego, or Handy Manny for that matter. Or the Backyardigans. Or little Einsteins. He likes Paz and Hip Hop Harry on TLC and I'm pretty sure he is the only kid watching that, and Spongebob...and now Dora. Ethan said it was a girl show and I said it didn't matter. Then I happened to be at Walmart yesterday without Ryan and decided to get some stuff for his easter basket. They had Dora balls, coloring books, etc., all in bright pink and purple. I just couldn't do it and I don't know if I should be mad at myself or not. I ended up buying a yellow car with Dora in it, and it looks like it will fit on his train table. Then I found some disposable Dora cups that are green and got those but you know someone in this house wouldn't let him take them outside of the his house.


Lizzie Fish said...

WOW you are a better mom than me. Carly would like Dora, too, but I never let her watch it because it's just too loud for me. All the people and things running around SHOUTING ABOUT MAPS AND BACKPACKS AND OH MY GOSH IT DRIVES ME NUTS! In fact, every time we're in Target (and that's a lot) and we pass all the Dora sports equipment, she says "Oh, I like Dora. Dora is a nice girl, but it is TOO LOUD for us."

Our Family of Four said...

Aw poor Carly.. send her to my house and she can watch with Maggie. It's her favorite show! Don't you have a playroom t.v. where you won't be bothered by it?

I don't get your tv Brandi... waaaay too complicated! Definitely time for a new one.