Thursday, March 6, 2008

Because only I can

Because only I can be sick and still manage to gain weight. True talent. Call Guiness right now.

Our update. Ryan's fever is long gone, he had a great day outside and then woke up last weekend coughing. One day of rest my friends...We figured he had caught Ethan's cold, which Ethan was finally getting over after a solid week. At least this time he couldn't blame Ryan for it. This definately came from his work. Luckily Ryan's cough/cold lasted...ahem...3 days. I was totally stoked because I was expecting a long drawn out week and figured he would be sleeping with me again. Nope, and the best part was that he started sleeping til 6/6:30am. Hallelujah.

Then Sunday I started feeling the ickies. I knew it was coming. I get it last, and always when I think I'm in the clear. SO, today is day 4. Yesterday was miserable. Today seems a bit better since I'm actually upright at the computer at this very moment. Though Ethan will not stay home to take care of me..oops, I mean Ryan because ofcourse I can take care of myself....he has come home earlier than normal all week--and I'm sure it has nothing to do with me calling around 4:30pm sounding pathetic. He really wants to go to the gym now that he is feeling better, but bless his heart, he was home by 6:00 last night, cleaned the kitchen and made dinner. I got me a good one over here. Be jealous!

Some other things. Ethan was still ignoring the fridge issue. I bought more milk and lo and behold the next day it wasn't frozen. Just when we thought we had skirted the issue and the fridge from 1980 would hold on a little longer, stuff started freezing again a few days ago. Best Buy and Sears both have good deals with "no payments til" and sales, so I have a feeling that is what we are doing this weekend. I don't think I convinced him for the stainless/fake stainless. The matching argument does not sway him. If the fridge worked and it was orange and on sale he would buy that one. Gotta pick my battles. Though I should remind him that since I never get to pick out my own car again (VW Passat fiasco all my fault) that I should be allowed to pick my own appliances. Hmm....

It is now time to go back downstairs and get the little man a snack. He has been saying some hilarious things lately but ofcourse I can't remember anything in particular. He just started watching his shapes video and he already knew circle, but now knows rectangle, diamond and oval. Such a proud mommy.

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