Friday, March 14, 2008

Today I could very well lose my mind

Yes, I stole that from Kate of Jon & Kate Plus 8, but its true. I know she has way more kids than me and I shouldn't complain about having to deal with one but these middle of the night wake ups that last for hours HAVE TO STOP. NOW. IMMEDIATELY. Here was last nights chant/scream/wail at 2am


Oh yes...and it doesn't stop. EVER. Unless we bring him in our room, but then it is another hour AT LEAST before he goes back to sleep so I/we have been up for about 3 hrs. And magically at 6:30am he wakes up chipper and bubbly and says "hey daddy." Me on the other hand, I'm a zombie.


Our Family of Four said...

That SERIOUSLY SUCKS!!! Maybe you should put him in his room, turn off the monitor, and go sleep in the basement or some other far away place where you can't hear him wail all night long... the garage?

Where is that sleep therapist that helped last time?

So does this mean that Ryan is the first, last and only baby?

Lizzie Fish said...

poor brandi! i'm so sorry you guys are having such a rough time with sleeping - and basically ditto everything michelle said!

i am happy for your pedi and brow wax, though. i'm telling you, those two things can make a huge difference!!!