Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sometimes mommy rocks...other times NOT

Or as Ryan would say "Suntimes"...

We've had a hard time brushing Ryan's teeth. He loves to do it himself, unfortunately he doesn't do it well. So, we either have to hold him down, which I hate, or leave it. Then I got a bright idea last weekend. Let's try an electric toothbrush. He loves things that makes noise and it will be something NEW. We found a Super Mario toothbrush and since he "helps" daddy play Super Mario on the Wii I thought it would work. I rock on that. Since we got it we've had no crying at all. He let's me brush as long as I want. So, I might be mentally screwing the kid up but at least he'll have good teeth :)

Today I did NOT rock. I totally acted like a kid instead of being a parent. I knew we were having one of THOSE days--the kind of day when Ethan calls on his way home and I say "Ryan and I are fighting" happens suntimes. It's not all him, my mood and other things play into it as well. We've been having a rough time for a few weeks. I was sick for a week and I'm pretty sure he was bored out of his mind. Two days he actually told me he wanted to take a nap at 10:30am. He also was allowed to watch alot more TV/movies when I was sick because sitting was about all I could handle. So when I started to feel better and I said no to TV he wigged out. Then it all just snowballed from there. We had a rough weekend, even with Ethan here. He started giving the tude to his daddy too which made me feel a little better--equal opportunity over here! We are also trying to recover from when he was sick and was able to sleep with me. His sickness blended into my sickness and the sleep environment was just a mess. So, we've had three nights of him in our bed and last night we said no more. We were gonna tough it out. We know we just need to break the habit, we know it should only take 3 nights...but last night he was up for an hour at 3am. I caved because I was tired (did i mention i was tired?--and i'm not a fan of the time change right now) so he was in our bed at 4am but i didn't fall asleep til 5. Then Ethan's alarm goes off at 5:45. Seriously.

SO today I knew he had to be tired cuz I was tired. The 2 yr old TUDE was in full force. I managed to get him to the park where he played in a lot of mud. When we got home I told him we were going to wash off his shoes and that he could help--fully knowing he was going to soak himself and need to be changed. No big deal. I even took his socks off. I cleaned off the shoes best I could then gave him the hose, and told him to keep the water on the grass. I believe I gave 2 warnings about spraying water off the grass, then I got a downpour all over me. I even was calm for the first few seconds thinking maybe it was an accident so I stared right at him, but the water didn't stop. I took it away from him and the wailing began. I said we were done and going in the house because mommy was wet and she didn't want to be wet. Then the wailing turned to screaming at the top of his lungs and I did the not grown up thing--i sprayed him with the hose. No, not like the lady on Good Morning America who sprayed her kid at the car wash with a full pressure nozzle. This was his belly and legs, nowhere near the face and just enough to let him know I was mad. And, it made me feel better though it shouldn't have.

Now he is in his crib not napping and I'm going to go take a nap because I'm tired. On a more positive note, I got a pedi and eyebrow wax on Monday:) Both were badly needed. I also got a library card because Ethan said I had to cut back on buying books. Let's just say the library ain't what it used to be.

**update. after hearing a loud noise and crying I went into Ryan's room where he told me he hit his head when he was jumping in his crib. ofcourse. i was rather nervous since at 2.5 yrs old we are waiting for him to realize he can climb out and are soon it will happen any day now. so after another freak out I told him he could take a nap with me. fast forward 45 min of him not napping so back in his crib he was where he cried for a total of 5 min and slept for an hour and a half. its gonna be a long night over here...

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