Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day...I'm flying solo

Happy Mother's Day to all my great mommy friends out there. I feel like at some point or another I have taken parts of your fabulous mommi-ness and tried to work it into my life. So, thanks for being who you are and for being different than me, thanks for your advice, and most of all, thanks for listening/reading, especially on those days I am losing my mind. Its important to know I'm not alone.

As for the solo part, Ethan left for a conference in Tahoe about 20 min ago. I know, on Mother's Day. Who planned that? Well, I would be surprised if there were 10 female engineers but still, kind of a bummer. We did celebrate with my family yesterday, and Ethan spent some time with his sisters at his mom's house doing yard work for her.

I"m not looking for any sympathy because all the military wives LIVE this everyday when their husbands are deployed so its not even on the same scale. NOT. EVEN. CLOSE. But, as Ethan was packing I started to think about when the last time was that he was gone for a while and realized this is his first solo trip since Ryan was born. This really isn't about if I can handle it or not, because ofcourse I can. I do this everyday but it just caught me about how much closer we have grown and how much more I depend on him, even when he is not technically here at the house.

Before Ryan was born Ethan would go on hunting trips with his dad for about a week and I would really look forward to being alone in the house. I could watch what I wanted, eat what I wanted, etc. Then about half way through I would miss him terribly...I took several trips to Northern Cali alone before Ryan was born. Ethan couldn't get the time off so I would go up for long weekends for friend's birthdays or baby showers, etc. The last time Ethan left was when I was about 27 weeks pregnant. He went to Utah to help put a new roof on his grandma's house. I did not go because 1) Utah in the summer is HOT 2) i was fat and already hot in San Diego. I stayed home, went to work as usual, and ran the AC all night long. Ethan got the bill and freaked out but come on, I WAS HOT. My mom and sister came for the weekend and we did lots of shopping and started painting Ryan's room. That seems sooooo long ago.

The difference is that this is the first time just one of us will be home with Ryan while the other is gone. Technically, Ethan is only here for about an hour in the morning, but that is a huge help to me because I get to stay in bed a little longer while they eat breakfast. And at night, if i'm lucky, he is here for about an hour but he helps with bath and bed, and I believe Ryan really needs that connection time with his daddy. He loves him so much. I'm trying to plan a lot of stuff this week to keep us busy. My only issue is that Ryan has been testing boundaries these last few weeks and I'm losing my temper quite easily lately with the 2.5 yr old attitude. Knowing that I won't have a true break until 8:00 at night is a bit daunting...The bright side of this is that now that we live close to family I can always call for help. My mom already invited us over for dinner tonight and Ryan loves being over there. I made dinner plans with a friend for Tuesday so my sister is going to put Ryan to bed.

Ryan is taking a nap, and I'm realizing that I'm not only going to miss Ethan's help with the kiddo, but I'll miss our evenings together--even if its just having dinner and watching TV, or him playing Super Mario Galazy while I read. He's a good guy and I just like him around, thats all :)

On a happier note, my mom and I got pedicure this morning and it was lovely. I had a french lavender scrub = yum. I'm also looking into the Chicos and Target fake spanx and I'll let you know what I find out. I will be trekking over to Nordy's next weekend to try on the real ones. The closest Nordy's is about 45 min away so Ethan and I are gonna make a day of it and go to PF Changs for lunch.

**side note to the Ethan going to Utah story. he was so worried i was going to have the baby while he was gone and i kept telling him not to worry. then he got home...and the next day i had contractions and had to go to the hospital, LOL. but i told him, hey, at least i waited until you got home. they were able to stop them and nothing happened....apparently those were good meds cuz they kept him in there for 42 weeks!

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Lizzie Fish said...

this is a very sweet post =)

good luck with your shopping ventures! at the end of the day, you should get what makes you feel gorgeous...because then you can focus on having fun and not whether or not you look smokin' hot in your dress.'s sounds so funny, but when paul was gone these last two weeks, it felt like an ETERNITY! so wierd. haha - and good luck with THAT, too! =) thank goodness for family close by!!!