Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My new found love for the Disney Channel

Its quiet over here, wanna know why? Handy Manny is on!!! I recently figured out that Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Handy Manny are on at 8:30/9. Perfect time for me to shower and get ready and keep Ryan occupied. Or, it is the perfect time for me to check e-mail, blog and then do 2 laps around the lake and go to the park. Can't shower before that, which means I still have to shower when he naps (which i consider wasting my free time, but whatever). Oh, and Ryan comes with me for the walk/park...don't think I'm leaving him home watching Disney alone!!! The only problem is I have to get the tv turned off before Winnie the Pooh starts or we are in trouble. I've been really trying to regulate his tv/dvd watching, and now we seem to be in a schedule he understands. He gets to watch some in the morning, then a short dvd (usually baby einstein) before nap. He understands lunch-dvd-nap. I love it!!! What I don't love his his night time sleep. I'm wracking my brain to figure out what it could be, and the only thing I can come up with is he still is trying to sleep with us from weeks ago when he was sick. But the "Davis" in me says he wouldn't be waking up if he wasn't over tired so I'm kinda stuck. Not sure if I'm $75 stuck yet since I'm gonna be spending $70 on Spankx. Priorities people, priorities. Sunday he took a 3 hr nap, yesterday it was 2.5 hrs and I woke him up because it was 3:00. I have the don't sleep past 3:00 nap rule. I'm also trying to figure out if its worth spending the $75 to talk to our sleep consultant again when in a few weeks we'll be sharing a condo with Ethan's family for a few days and Ryan will be sleeping with us....which means the process will probably need to start all over again. Then the DC trip is right after that and if he wakes up at night my mom won't be able to let him cry so I just might wait till all the weird stuff is over.

Ryan has been hilarious lately and I wanted to share a few. We were at the park, sitting under a gazebo with picnic tables/benches. He was sitting across from me and said "mommy where's the food?" I told him our food is at home. He asked me again, then said "but mommy there are tables." Apparently if you have a table you should have food. He is totally my kid.

Ryan: wanna watch a movie mommy
Me: No, u watched cartoons this morning already
Me: you can watch a movie after lunch, before nap
It was 10:00am

Ryan is able to memorize people's cars. If he sees a Honda Pilot he says "there is Kristopher's mommy's car" and he is right every time :)

He is also obsessed with candy. I think this started around halloween...and we still have halloween candy. Every once in a while I'll let him have a piece if he asks nicely. And now he mimics me because when he asks he says "wanna piece of candy mommy just ONE piece" and when he says ONE he puts 1 finger up, and then says "and no crying."

Ryan asked for a cheest stick and we didn't have any. I know, what kind of mom am I? They are a food group unto themselves at this house. I told him we didn't have any and he said "mommy they have cheese at the store, go in the car to the store." Now, had he been asking for french fries I might have jumped in the car to get them...but for cheese, I could wait a few hrs.

We found some crayons in his art box and we were coloring together. He looked over and said "nice coloring mommy." He also likes to say "good job daddy" when they are playing.

I think I posted about how I was a rockstar mom when I figured out the electric toothbrush would be a hit. It is Super Mario because it was the only character they had that I thought he wold recognize. Ethan plays Super Mario on the Wii---alot. And now, every night before he brushes his teeth we all say in unison "Super Mario Galaxy." We are geeks.

Ok, Handy Manny will be over in a few minutes and I need to get to the TV before Pooh starts so we can head off for our morning walk/park. As for the spankx, I found one that goes up to the bra and attaches. I figure that will be the best since if you just get the underwear you are gonna end up with rolls somewhere else. This way I will be covered from boob to butt :)


Our Family of Four said...

"you want lunch mommy?" I love him! So my kind a kid!

As for the sleep, could you at least put him in a sleeping bag or separate bed instead of IN bed with you guys? Just a thought... not sure if the difference will translate.

Judy said...

He is so verbal and smart! I love how his mind works! GO TO THE STORE AND GET ME CHEESE!!!!! hahahaha.

About the Spanx-here's an alternative that I bought and used and was half the price and very very pleased with: CHICO'S. It's a women's clothing store and they sell their own brand there for I think around $30-$35 and are just as fantastic. I believe that Target also has a cheaper version of Spanx that my aestitician (sp) swears by.
Good luck!

Lizzie Fish said...

brandi - one of my bloggity friends lives in the "higher power" spanx...she had a baby about twelve weeks ago and she looks AMAZING. seriously, the only way you can tell pre-baby friend from post-baby friend is that she has bigger boobs. =)

i love funny kid stories! and good luck with the sleeping thing!!