Monday, May 19, 2008

Who is gonna clean the guest room?

A bit late, but that is my brother, sister and I on Mother's Day. We will be framing that for my mom since her birthday is tomorrow. We get no break from the holidays over here. Ignore my blondish/reddish hair because that has been taken care of. Apparently I am a brunette and my hair is now dark like my sister's...and brother's...and everyone else in the family! And yes, I am the oldest and the shortest.

Onto procrastination. Procrastination reigns over here. I have always thought I did my best work under pressure, especially in college. Why write a paper early? Come on, there are more important things to do TV. Hello. Actually, I spent a lot of time thinking about what I was going to write and ruminating about them, etc. so the paper writing process wasn't too bad. I happen to think you can do it like that or you can't--you are born that way. I was born with the ability to write a decent paper that did not sound like BS. As an English major with a focus in British Literature (very useful I must say) the ability to write papers quickly was helpful since if I wasn't watching TV I was reading...always reading. I love to read, but I had to read some crap back then. I did ok since I graduated with a decent GPA, enough to get me a special cord to wear at graduation. I think it was Dean's List or Honor Roll or something...I'm pretty sure I had a 3.0+ so I procrastination didn't hurt me too badly. And ofcourse I procrastinated with my lesson planning and grading when I was a teacher and all of my filing when I was a legal secretary but I never missed any deadlines so it kinda has become a part of my life.

Hence the guest room/junk room. When we moved back home the option of a 4th bedroom wasn't a necessity since all of our guests live about 10 min from us. The house we found to rent had the fourth bedroom and from the day we moved in it has been a disaster. I wanted to post a pic about a month ago to show you what I was going to have to accomplish in a month, but I forgot. Only believe me when I say the futon had stuff stacked on it almost to the ceiling. There are boxes everywhere. There is a large desk in there that was SUPPOSED to be a scrapbooking desk that is also piled high with stuff. Then about two weeks ago Ethan couldn't handle it, knowing we are having guests THIS WEEKEND he started cleaning. That is not acceptable because his cleaning means THROW EVERYTHING AWAY THAT IS BRANDI'S ESPECIALLY ANY WRAPPING PAPER OR BASKETS OR CHRISTMAS STUFF. So, that could not go on. I told him to find something else to do and let me deal with it aka STOP TOUCHING MY STUFF. Turns out he has a lot of stuff in there. For example, boxes of clothes that "will fit when I lose weight." Are you kidding me? Is he secretly a chick? Ok, he is gonna hate me for that. I finally managed to get rid of most of those clothes but some friend's of my parents had to have a fire for him to donate them. Then I realized alot of the boxes were books and after putting them in our empty bookcases in the office (go figure) there was a lot more room.

But still, it is no were habitable for my friend and her fiance. My friend the bride. Which also means my mom is supposed to have the dress close to finished for my friend to see when she is here. And I still do not have shoes. Do not get me started on the shoes. Anyway, I have less than a week to finish while managing a toddler.

And I found ants in the house yesterday. And my knee hurts and I have no idea why, but the stairs are really painful. And my allergies are bothing me, and so are Ryan's. And he slept 2 nights in a row, but then didn't again last night. get the picture. Happy cleaning to me!


Kalyn said...

HELLO???!!!! You look awesome!!! How much weight have you lost???!!!!


Kalyn said...

p.s- after just re reading that- I meant that in the best way possible! You have always looked great- but you look even BETTER now!!!! :)

Brandi said...

LOL...NONE. I wish oh how I wish. I have weighed the same within 5lbs for the last 2.5 yrs. I cannot get it off.

Our Family of Four said...

Hey K, open mouth... insert foot! LOL at least it was a compliment and not the "are you pregnant woops". You do look great though Brandi. And I had to laugh at the whole room thing because we had the same problem with our extra bedroom for a while. It just gets to be so bad you have no idea where to start! And you can call me Ethan because I do start chucking Mike's stuff. But, to this day, my pack rat of a husband has NEVER asked me for one single item I have trashed and believe me... there have been truckloads! Gotta love deployements for housecleaning;o)

McCoyFamily said...

I agree you look great and I love your hair in that picture! This is why I like my little house if you get more rooms you just seem to aquire more stuff,LOL...