Friday, May 23, 2008

Almost there

The guest room is almost done. It was never going to look like a 5 star hotel, but at least you can see the bed. Progress. Huge progress. You can open the door completely, it has significantly less boxes than it did before (note to self: take boxes that were thrown down the stairs out to garage cuz now the living room is messy), and it has been dusted and vacuumed. My procrastination = results. I just wish Ethan would realize that. Don't push me, let me do it when I'm ready. I really thought he would be impressed but he was just mad because a bunch of stuff ended up in the office. Oh, I don't know, why would all the books end up in the office? Gee, maybe because thats where all the bookcases are...3 of them to be exact. As a matter of fact, all the bookcases are in the office, except for a small one in Ryan's room. And I found a box of "important papers"...Ethan's term, not mine. At every house we have had some type of "important paper" pile or folder or box or something. I think these are all the papers from when we bought the Oceanside house. No idea, I just know they are important and I DO know they don't belong in the guest room.

The only stuff that ended up in the office that does not belong there is a huge pile of extra blankets, pillows, sheets, etc. Our linen closet is small. Its not even a closet, its a few cabinets built into the wall upstairs. I have smashed everything I can into it, so we usually used our guest room to store that kind of stuff. I use the term "store" loosely, what I really mean was when we washed a blanket or set of sheets we put a new one on, then once the other set came out of the dryer it got thrown into the guest room. Thats how we roll ladies and gentlemen. Now I've got lots of blankets, throw pillows, a pregnancy body pillow, another body pillow and some dog bed covers laying in a huge heep that seems to make Ethan cringe. And if he is reading this: Had you not taken the doors off the closet in the office maybe some of this would fit in there. Or maybe if you took your clothes of the top shelf of our closet, maybe they would fit there too. So, until you get any better ideas they will stay in the office and MAYBE I will find my spare time :)

Oh, he took the doors off the closet to put our computer desk in there. I think he thinks it saves space...but really, we didn't need any space saving. The office is big enough to accomodate everything that should be in there. Now I am without an extra closet. We did that at the Oceanside house when space was an issue. Ryan's room used to be the office/craft room, while another room was Ethan's real estate office. So, all he had in there was real estate stuff and his laptop because it was a tax deduction. He would not allow any non-real estate related stuff in there. Once we had Ryan we had to move the computer into the real estate office, so our computer was on a desk in the closet, while Ethan's real estate stuff was still separate. My craft stuff got moved to the guest room. It worked out just fine, but for some reason, Ethan has developed a love for the desk in the closet... some things I cannot explain.

On to more interesting things. I found something to wear under my dress! I thank everyone for their suggestions. I should mention I have not actually tried it on under my dress since the dress is not done, and I just bought it Wednesday, but I was happy with it when I tried it on. And, it came from Walmart. I'm sorry Liz, you can stop reading if you want:) But, it was $12.99. It was not to be passed up. Plus, a few other things played a part in this decision as well. 1) Target - did not like what they had. I think the brand is Sarah Blankley or something. Maybe I just have too much fat for it to work, who knows, but I was super disappointed because I thought it was going to be the one, and was only $25. It seemed very flimsy. 2) Chicos-I don't have a store close by, but their website only listed them having real Spanx so there was no savings there. 3) We were counting on Ethan's free roundtrip ticket from Southwest and when I booked our trip they said it didn't not get me started. We even tried to convert his Rapid Rewards to Freedom Rewards and lose some in the process, just to get any discount, but it didn't work. SO, $ has been an issue. 4) The shoe debacle - i have been searching everywhere, trying not to spend $100 on shoes i will most likely never wear again. I had talked myself and the bride out of dyeable shoes, but could find nothing in an ivory or champagne that would work. She said I needed a thick heel or wedge due to the terrain I'm going to be walking on. I searched high and was a mission. Then I found shoes at the one bridal store in my town. It is a scary place....but by the time I was to special order them and dye them it was going to be $85! Then, miraculously when I went back 2 days later to take the leap and buy them I found a style I liked better, they had my size in stock and for some reason the dye was cheaper. Do not ask me how this happend. Maybe the lord had a hand in this, but all I know is I walked out of there for $55 total. Still more than the fabric from my dress...but let's not dwell on that.

So, things are looking up. I get to see my friend tomorrow and I haven't seen her since Ryan was 5 months old. She will have a bed to sleep on. Our DC trip is all taken care of, except the rental car. I found shoes! My hair is no longer a weird color. I found some pictures of Ethan and I from the early years, and all of our wedding cards. I stopped and looked at pictures of Ryan when he was a baby....a little tiny baby. I cannot believe that the little boy taking a nap in his room is the same little boy from those pictures. The boy who when I missed the ball he threw to me said "it ok mommy try again." When he walked into the guest room and saw how different it looked he said "good job mommy"...and then he clapped. Ok, I'm a bit teary eyed now. I love that little man so much and I need to stop calling him little because I'm pretty sure he no longer fits in his crib anymore. I was always told, keep them in there until they try and climb out which totally makes sense to me. But when I looked at him laying in there he looks gigantic!

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Lizzie Fish said...

haha! =)

but i'm glad you found something that works even though some poor child in malaysia probably got paid half a cent to make it in a sweaty, mosquito-ridden child labor camp where they get fed watery gruel and get beaten on a regular basis...


and yay for your cleaning success! and for the affordable shoes! i'm sure you're going too look wonderful - can't wait for photos. =)