Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Can you believe

that we are sick again? Honestly, like the two week cold in February wasn't enough? I hoped it was allergies, but then Ethan and I both woke up Monday feeling sick. Bummer. With their allergies and asthma you just never know, especially since we've had high winds for days. But once I got it I knew. So, Ryan was off track for a month, goes back to school for 1 day and now we are all sick. Where is this immunity he is supposed to be building? Ryan's runny nose seems to be gone, so I'm hoping he can go to school tomorrow. He already missed yesterday. His main problem is the cough at night. As soon as he lays down, BAM. Its an asthma thing. He didn't nap yesterday either because he was coughing so much and I couldn't give him any more meds and/or mix meds. I'm one of those parents who reads the labels...go figure. There have been a lot of changes lately in kids OTC meds. Luckily I remembered what Ryan was allowed to have before they changed the labels. I understand trying to protect kids from overdosing, but most of what I read said it was parents giving babies doses for kids without talking to their doctor. What the heck? Ryan didn't get cough/cold meds til he was 18 m, with his doctor's approval and dosing. I don't like to drug him up, but when you are coughing and can't sleep you need it.

I'm feeling a little better today so I hope that means this isn't a long cold, just a few days. I keep telling the baby to ignore all my other requests to come out, that its not a good time right now. I need some time to recover my energy.


Anna said...

Feel Better!!!

Our Family of Four said...

Do you have a humidifier? I had REALLY bad asthma as a kid and cold air always worked. I remember sitting outside in the winter or sticking my head in the freezer, worked every time!

Judy said...

Hope it goes away soon and you get your strength back for the baby! =)