Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Luke is 1 week old

Luke had his weight check Tuesday morning, my first outing without Ethan. Man, the carseat is heavier than I remember. Anyway, Luke is 9 lbs, basically back to birth weight so that is good. For some reason when 8:00 pm rolls around he becomes a terrible feeder. He won't latch or won't stay, then gets all upset and falls asleep. I lay him down and then he is up 10 min later with the look of "i'm hungry feed me" followed by him falling asleep again. A vicious cycle. Finally at midnight last night I couldn't take it anymore, after 3 hrs of him being on and off that I gave him 2 ounces of formula and the kid slept 3 hrs! Woo hoo. The good thing is that I'm actually sleeping. With Ryan I had a hard time going back to sleep and would often times still be awake when he woke up 2 hrs laterI will keep up the bf as long as I can, that is the best I can do and I'm fine with that.

I haven't downloaded any new pics yet, but will have Ethan do that soon. Luke had his first bath which he screamed through. He hates to be naked, hates to be changed, and basically hates anything involved with clothing. He peed on our bed yesterday and again today. You'd think after already having a boy we would remember to cover him when we change him, but we forget. If he is completely full and asleep sometimes you can change him without screaming but its very rare.

Last night Luke had a formula festival. Someone told me he was trying to "cluster" feed at night, except for the fact that he wasn't actually eating. I was a human pacifier and that is a major no no for me. There are some things I just cannot take, especially in my exhausted state of mind, which now has added guilt due to me constantly telling Ryan I can't do something because I'm feeding brother. I know one day Ryan is going to explode about how all I do is sit on the couch and feed the baby. I feel so bad. Today he put up a fight about going to preschool and I got harsh with him, again feeling bad, but I know he loves it there. Then when I dropped him off he was so grumpy and I got tears in my eyes when I told him I loved him, and that Luke loves him, and was just trying to let him know everything will be OK. So, last night we did formula feedings over night and eventhough he still ate every 2 hrs, he went right to sleep when he was done--the feeding lasting a total of 20 min...not over an hour. I was able to change his diaper while he was in a formula coma and didn't have to hear the bird squeels or worry about him waking up Ryan. Other than waking up feeling like I was going to explode, it was good. I got some sleep, Luke got some sleep, Ethan slept...we'll see if this becomes a nightly ritual or not.

And now its time to pick up Ryan, which is ofcourse right about the time Luke needs to eat...why is it always like that?

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Anna said...

I promise things will settle down and become routine. What I did with Isabel during the time I was nursing was she would play with a baby doll (don't know if you care if Ryan has a doll) and she would mimic me. Yes, she even pretended to nurse! LMAO! And she'd pretend to change baby's diaper too. It was so cute as if I was rocking or bouncing a cranky Luke she was doing the same right behind me with her doll! She was two months before her 2.5yr birthday so I don't know if the age makes a difference. But hope it helps! Also, we just bought Isabel a Leapster and she loves it! Perhaps if Ryan doesn't have one it could occupy some time. We also did a big sister gift...she got the kitchen she wanted about a week after we brought Luke home. It made something be about her when everything had been about the new baby all week. We also took her to CEC for a special pizza dinner and playtime as a "big sis party" just us four. I believe these things helped her tremendously in the adjusting to being a big sis department. Good luck! Enjoy the newborn phase..it goes by WAY too quickly! I miss it already.