Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Kalyn challenged her readers to do a list so I thought I would go for it. Plus, I was gonna do a whole post on flys and now I don't have too.


my husband, my kid, my family, my friends, water w/ lemon, iced tea w/ lemon, burger & fries, bean-rice-cheese-sour cream burrito, reading, time alone, getting to go to the bathroom by myself, pedis, massages, going out to eat, watching Ryan play, clothes that make me look skinnier than I am, the beach (especially reading @ the beach), tea at a cute tea house, decorating, sleep, smell of gardenia, smell of lavender, bubble baths, scrapbooking, Riesling wine, chips & dip, warm (but not hot) weather, driving w/ the top down, a hi-five from Ryan, mojito, appletini, cosmo

Ok...pretty random. Things seem to come in waves.


my stomach, my flat hair, exercising, fish, flys, spiders, ants, unloading the dishwasher, mopping, putting clothes away, having to ask my husband to do something more than once, when i forget something, i'm kinda short, raddishes, taffy, the feeling of not accomplishing enough, beer, most Thai food, when my son hits or bites, the screen door open, dirty hands, talking during movies, people that drive crazy, VW Passats.

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kalyn said...

YAY!!!! Great Job! :) We miss you guys! :)