Monday, May 28, 2007

Bethany Reservoir

What? 2 posts in one day. Yes, but I'm not addicted. Ethan is tivo-ing the Monday night Star Trek marathon and our TV is so old the Tivo won't let us watch anything while it records. I could clean--not worth the risk of waking Ryan.

Today we took a drive to Bethany Reservoir. Yes, it was bigger than Lake Cuyamaca (that is spelled correctly this time). Unfortunately, not a lot of trees so it was really hot. Still, it was nice to be outside. Then Ethan took me to a chinese restaurant in Livermore. He's been telling me about it forever so I was glad to go. WE CANNOT FIND GOOD CHINESE FOOD IN TRACY. Boy, do we miss China Wokery in San Marcos. No, we really miss Pei Wei. Anyway...then we were off to see Pirates 3. Not my choice but I was mostly along for the ride. 3 hrs in a movie theater is a bit much for me, especially when I fell asleep during Pirates 2.

Ryan had a great time with Aunt Lisa. He visited Grandma & Grandpa and uncle Eddie, and even got to see Great Grandma. He splashed around in his new pool and went to the park. Big day for him. We really are lucky to have family around that loves him as much as we do. I never have to worry about him (doesn't mean I don't!), but I don't need to.

P.S. I had to share an incident where The Family Whistle was needed so our title really does make sense. Picture this:
Ryan in bed asleep. Ethan upstairs on the computer. Me cleaning up the kitchen. I take the trash out to the backyard, trip on the broom that Ryan uses to "clean up" sand, and fall. On the cement. Spill trash everywhere. Skin my palm, knee, and elbow. And I dragged my toe across the cement in my attempt to save myself so that hurts too. I hobbled to the couch and called up the stairs "Honey, I fell." I have to say I am semi-impressed with the speed at which he came down the stairs. Definately not lighting, but I could tell he was concerned. As soon as he saw I was ok he laughed. I told him I tried calling him but he didn't hear me. His response: "Why didn't you use the family whistle?" Duh.


lostnacfgop said...

Yep. We opted for "Shrek the third" largely 'cause two of the LOST clan fell asleep during "Pirates 2;" just as well, if you think about it. Had Disney continued to score rounding success with the series, they might be tempted to turn all the park rides into movies. Just imagine 3 hours of "small world?" Or all the retrofitting that would be necessary in theatres for "The Tea Cups movie - now in Spin-around!! Dramamine, anyone?

judy_cushing said...

Love the fall....the family whistle. I know it wasn't funny probably when it happened, but it was definitely funny to read. A la "I've fallen and I can't get up...." Good stuff. Keep it coming.