Thursday, May 24, 2007

But mom, everyone else is doing it....BLOG!

Ok, I couldn't be left out. Now, I have never been on the cutting edge, but I figured this would be a good way to keep up with my O'side friends whose blogs I read anyway. Then ofcourse there is "Maniacal Days" which I read all the time and the author of that HILARIOUS blog is from Ryan's online birth group. And last but not least, when I send out Ryan's montly update e-mail I've had some people actually ask what Ethan and I are up to. It's amazing...people still care about us as individuals. Ok, not really. Its Ryan 24/7.

Why "The Family Whistle?" I was going to go with something creative like "Algernon" or something but after researching the word it was definately not me. If the definition of a word confuses me then its out. I tried to be creative and use my financially useless English Literature degree and think of something fantastic but nothing came. I believe all creativity left me during childbirth. So, other than picking something to do with Pride & Prejudice that no one but me cares about, I settled on The Family Whistle. We actually have a family whistle whenever we get separated in a store. The only slight problem is that I really can't whistle!


judy_cushing said...

YAY! I LOVE it. Congrats on making the move to blog heaven. We will keep up with you better now!

JMichalski said...

Love you BLOG Brandi! I have to admit, I didn't ven know what one was until now. You will have to give me some tips on this stuff!