Saturday, May 26, 2007


Being a stay at home mom and being sick is hard...REALLY REALLY REALLY HARD. I'm glad we are closer to family now becuase I'm not sure I could have gotten through the last few days alone. This is the same cold Ryan had and he never skipped a beat. Sure his nose ran for 10 days straight, but he played as usual. He napped, he ate, he still slept through the night. I feel like I got ran over by a truck. Ethan was great this morning. He got up early with Ryan and fed him breakfast, then took him to the park so I could sleep. Now Ryan is with Aunt Lisa so daddy can have a break. I hope this ends soon so I can salvage some of this 3 day weekend.

In other news, Ethan finally got his sports car. So instead of obsessively searching the internet for the perfect used car, he is now searching for car parts. It never ends. But, he is happy (I think) and that is all that matters. He worked hard for this car and he deserves it. He did real estate on the side for a few years and saved all of his $. Then so I could stay home with Ryan he gave his $ up for the family. What a guy! Now that we have moved and sold the house, it was time. He was not able to find his dream corvette, but he is now the proud owner of a Honda S2000. Its a cute silver convertible, though he would die if he knew I called it cute! I am allowed to ride in it, but thats it. I will definately have to buy some new sunglasses and a hat. I must look appropriate. But I gotta say, its hotter than butt here, who the heck wants to be out in the heat? So, now we have 2 Hondas and a Toyota. I'll post pictures whenever I figure out how.

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JMichalski said...

I feel your pain Brandi! I have had 2 severe stomach flus with the kids and I could never have taken care of the kids unless someone came to help. Tom and I were both dead on the floor New Years Day 2007 with a violent flu. My mom had to take the kids because we could barely stay conscious, but unfortunately my mom and sister caught the flu right after too!!!
Thank goodness you have help! Feel better soon!