Monday, May 28, 2007

We miss the beach!

I am finally feeling better and we decided to take a drive in the convertible. Then we realized, we had nowhere to go! We miss the beach. It would be a great day to drive up (or down) the coast, maybe head over to Coronado with the top down. Yeah, we can get to Santa Cruz in a little less than 2 hrs, but thats a lot different than 10 minutes! Plus, we don't even need to mention Memorial Day traffic. We settled on Jamestown, CA, near Sonora. For the SoCal people think Julian without the pies. But, with 1.5hrs each way and adding in traffic, it was probably too far away. And, being the parents that we are, we wanted to be home in time to put our little one to bed. Did I mention he goes to bed at 6:30? Yeah. So, Jamestown is more of a get up and leave early in the morning or stay over night kind of trip instead of leaving at 10:00, after putting Ryan down for a nap. Or, a trip for when Ryan stays the night at Grandma's. More planning needed--enough said.

So, we are heading off to some little lake "thing" about 30 min away. After living in SoCal and seeing their "lakes" I am apprehensive about saying I'm going to a lake. Have you seen Cuyamacha? Ok, I know I spelled it wrong and bad spelling usually bothers me. But, I need to get in the shower ASAP and don't have time to search the net. A lake I can swim across is not a lake--that was my point. Ofcourse Northern Cali has normal sized lakes, I just haven't been (or heard of) this particular one. Hopefully we'll have a nice lunch, hike around a bit, maybe see a movie.

Off we go, as soon as Ryan goes down for his nap and Aunt Lisa gets here!

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