Sunday, October 28, 2007

I heart Trader Joe's, H&M, and my child is posessed

The fun stuff first.
Trades Joe's is just too cool. My friend pointed out a new product to me yesterday and I made it last night and I love it. This made me think of all the TJ stuff I already love and I thought I would make a list.

1. Pumpkin bread mix--try it. Seriously. Yummy. EASY. And if you bought the Jessica Seinfeld cookbook about sneaking veggies into their food, it will work. Why do it from scratch? Add some sweet potatoes in and they'll never know. (Disclaimer: i bought the cook book but haven't made anything yet.)
2. Garlic & herb dough--makes the best calzones ever. And get their pepperoni too. Its a bit pricy but so much better than regular pepperoni. I think they only sell one brand. I got the calzone off a playgroup recipe site long ago and I make them at least once a week, usually on Thursdays since thats our favorite TV night.
3. Blueberries--when they are in season they have the best and they are cheap.
4. Sweet & Salty cereal--i know, sounds gross but its good.
5. Tejava bottled iced tea
6. Chocolate--we have 2 favorites. one comes in a pink wrapper and its milk chocolate. they are in a 3 pack, usually by the check out. And the other is Ritter brand I think. They are a type of chocolate wafer. Ethan hides them from me...
7. Ethan likes the strawberry lemonade
8. Rosemary potato bread--enuf said. except put some olive oil, butter and garlic salt on it and toast it. heaven.
9. red pepper hummus
10. frozen meat balls--in the blue and white bag. not the yellow. yellow is yuck.

So, I also now heart H&M. I've seen the clothing store on "What Not To Wear" and always thought they had cute clothes, and they always said they were reasonably priced. I just didn't know if their definition of reasonable was the same as mine since they are spending $5k and pay hundreds of dollars on a pair of shoes. A friend of mine took me to an outdoor shopping area--think La Jolla near the beach, but not AS snooty...but still kinda. There was an H&M so I had to take a look. LOVE IT. I didn't see anything in the women's department for over $30. Can you believe that? The stuff looked well made, but even at that price, if its last a season or two you are good. I got a super cute satin tank (not sure where i'll be wearing that) for $9. I think an H&M gift card will be on my Christmas list this year. And they had cute kids clothes too.

And for the kid is posessed. I'm not sure what happened over this weekend (the weekend is still not I left him with Ethan yesterday around 12 and come home around 6. Ethan said he was whiny all day. Now I know daddy does things different than mommy, and maybe he doesn't pick up on some stuff as fast, but I figured it was just a rough day. Daddy didn't know that immediately after the nap he wants to go downstairs, have a snack (no matter if he just had lunch an hour ago) and watch amovie. That is the routine. So, I figured all would be fixed. He went to bed last night fine, slept about 10.5 hrs and woke up in a good mood.

Things just kinda went wacky from there. He wanted to go to the park (i know this because he brought me his park shoes). So, we decided to take the dogs for a walk. Ryan has decided he can do the entire 1 mile walk without the stroller so I was going to let him walk. Yes, I know that tomorrow when I go to put him in the stroller for my morning exercise its gonna suck. Anyway, he was having a fit and we weren't sure about what. We thought he wanted the stroller so I opened the garage and he wanted his 4 wheeler. NOPE. NOT GONNA HAPPEN. That thing goes 2mp and I cannot stand the noise for that long. I offered him his tricycle and he was fine. We did our lap around the lake, stopping at the park where he ran around the soccer field. On the way home Ethan and the dogs got far ahead of us and Ryan asked to be picked up. Well, not asked. More like grabbing on my legs for dear life and crying. I told him to say "up" and I would pick him up. I know I complain about his lack of language but yes, he can say up. And he said it this morning when he wanted me to pick him up and carry him down the stairs. Well, once I said it I couldn't turn back. So, he cried the rest of the way home. Sobbing. I felt terrible, but didn't want to give in. I would stop every few houses, remind him that if he said "up" I would pick him up....didn't work. Finally when we got to our street I stopped and reminded him we were on our street, how he could see daddy's truck and asked again for him to say "up." No change. I sat on the ground, not sure why, and he sat in my lap. That is where Ethan found us. Just sitting there quietly, both confused.

Fast forward to the haircut. It was time, his birthday is this week and I need to take him for pics. Last time I took him for a haircut alone it was a disaster. Usually he does really well. He freaked out this time too, even with Ethan holding him. Even with a lollipop, even with a cell phone to play with. Nightmare. Then we head to Petsmart to get dog food...about 10 min away and he falls asleep. Apparently a solid day of whining wears you out.

He was enthralled with the dwarf hamsters, but again had a melt down and I can't even remember what about. Its like he changed over night. Is this 2? Cuz if this is what 2 is I don't want it. Take 2 back.

We've been home and had lunch (Ryan ate Thai food...whatever). He is now napping...yeah. And then Aunt Lisa is coming to take him for a few hrs. Hallelujah. Cuz Ethan and I are over it. We need some non-whining time to clean up and get ready for his party next weekend. We need to not feel like we are walking on eggshells around a toddler.


liz said...

it comes and goes. i'm sorry you got it all in one weekend, though.

there's and h&m in la jolla??? where?

Chelle, Mike, Max, and Maggie said...

LOL - don't worry. Both Max and Maggie were SUPREME PITA's right when they turned 2 then not so bad. Don't get me wrong, 2 is a tough year, but not like your weekend was everyday. Plus 2 is fun because they start to talk a lot more and can play with you!

Angel Taylor said...

Hi, Brandi! I found your blog by googling "Trader Joe's chocolate bars." I like your suggestion about the pumpkin bread mix. I tried to make something similar for my in-laws Thanksgiving get-together. Didn't work realy well. If you're wondering why I'd be googling the chocolate bars, I have a delimma. I live in Houston. There's not a Trader Joe's for about 650 miles or so. My family loves the chocolate bars, and Trader Joe's doesn't provide online orders. There are other items we buy in bulk as well, but the milk chocolate bars are top priority. :) Do you have any suggestions at all? I travel to Portland, which is where I frequent Trader Joe's. I was hoping somebody might know how I can order them through a third party online site or something. Thanks!