Monday, February 11, 2008

Because Mommy and Daddy needed a Vacation

We are back from a much needed weekend in San Diego. Ahh...yes, 80 degrees. Pure sunshine. Fresh ocean air....aaahhhh...I miss it already! But, I missed the little man before I even left. He asked about us while we were gone, but no tantrums. Yesterday my mom told him we would be back tomorrow so he said "mommy daddy back, i waiting." Precious. Too bad when we walked in the door he wouldn't even look at us. Yep, could have cared less. He was sitting on my sister's lap listening to his phonics radio. I do not like having to beg a 2 yr old for attention. And last week he started waking up during the night....and apparently my mom wasn't able to fix that while we were gone. Damn. This whole sleep thing is still a mystery to us. Luckily for him, if he wakes up tonight he gets a pass cuz I want some attention!!! But watch out tomorrow night...its gonna be rough around here.

Oh, about the hair. The color has faded a lot, and everyone seems to like it, even random people at the park. My mom is the only one that freaked out and told me to go back and get it fixed. Oh well. Saturday night was the first time I had actually "done" my hair since the new cut and color and I gotta say, it was pretty cute. I think the problem is that the red color is too obvious. Highlights should be natural...or try to be natural looking....or be a color that could possibly maybe be in your color family. So, next time I go back to my other red and all is well. Though, i am thinking i need to change the blonde color to more of a honey or carmel...nope, can't do that before my friend's wedding. That wouldn't be nice.

Newsflash...well, i want to tell you cuz i'm excited, but then i have to admit my fatness. Hmm....ok, i bought a pair of jeans at Kohls while I was in San Diego and...OMG...they were a size 8. Oh yeah! That is a pre-Ryan size....very pre-Ryan. Like, a long time ago, like when I first moved to San Diego, before I worked at desk job where I started drinking coffee and went out to lunch everyday. Now, i haven't lost any weight recently, and i'm pretty sure I put on about 10lbs from our weekend trip (yummy mexican food and breakfast out!) so I know its just the brand or cut of the jeans...but I'm still happy about it :) Its a nice little piece of motivation and let's me know the old Brandi might still be in here somewhere.

On a similar note, my friend the bride liked some of the swatches I sent her so it looks like my mom will be making my dress which means no bad bridal shop lighting or a lot of money spent on alterations. Yipee.

Ok. Time to get back to my real life of being a mommy :)


McCoyFamily said...

I'm glad you had fun on your weekendmoon! I want to see pictures of your new do....

Lizzie Fish said...

Ditto on both counts!

And YAY FOR THE 8!!!! I love single digits!!!!