Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Fever

Yep, time for the fever with no symptoms again. Ryan's body must really take virus' differently than most cuz he gets these high fevers with no other symptoms. High as in 104.5...OMG. Yep. Then I did a rectal to double check, and that was 103.3....odd, since I assumed it was going to be higher (supposed to be more accurate) and was already halfway out the door to the ER in my mind. Tylenol does nothing for his high fevers, but motrin rocks. It takes it down 2-3 degrees in an hour.

We called the Blue Cross advice nurse and after answering tons of questions she told me to call the after hour pediatrician line, but if we got another 104 reading to go to the ER. The on call doctor was an ASS. ASS. ASS. I tried to explain to him the progression of the fever during the day because obviously it just didn't start out at 104.5. I do have some kind of a clue and noticed it before that, thank you very much. I just wanted to make sure we were doing the right thing and didn't need to go to the ER like the nurse said. The doctor kept interrupting me, wouldn't let me get my info out. Then tells me that with no other symptoms all the ER will do is treat the fever, the same way we are now. He's obviously fighting off some kind of infection/virus but as long as the motrin is working he is fine. I should mention there was no hysterical crying/whining. He just wanted to sit on our lap. During the day when the fever was lower he was his normal self, with less of an appetite. I remembered our doctor in San Diego saying if the fever responds to meds then its fine, its a high fever that doesn't respond to meds that we have to worry about.

But...i just wanted to make sure this doctor on the phone undestood at one time it had been 104.5 (and was already down to 102 and Ryan was asleep already). So I said "so you're not worried about a temp of 104.5?" And he says "what did i just say?" Yeah, love him. So friendly and helpful to a nervous mom on the phone--with his TV on in the background. Needless to say, no one in this family will be going to that doctor--ever. Then he throws out the "well ofcourse with temperatures that high we worry about seizures." DUH...hence the concern. I wasn't worried his eyeballs were gonna pop out of his head, i was worried about seizures.

I ended up taking Ryan to his doctor yesterday just to have his ears/throat/glands checked, make sure it wasn't strep or an ear infection. He got the all clear and its just a virus. If he has a temperature still tomorrow he wants to see him again. Today has been much better, nothing over 101 and I've been able to space out the motrin a lot longer than 6 hrs. I believe he is on the mend. Today is the first time I put him down for a nap in his crib. And I think he can spend one more night in bed with me--couch time for Ethan again.

The cool thing was at the doc we got to check his height. The last two times he was so traumatized that we didn't even try. Now he realizes he doesn't get a shot everytime, and that he gets a lollipop if he is good. He even says "doctor nose mouth throat, i ok, pop."

I cannot believe my little boy is half an inch away from being 3 ft tall. He was 35.5 inches tall, and 30.5 pounds. He hasn't gained much weight, but he's grown about 4 inches. WOW.

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