Friday, February 15, 2008

The world might be coming to an end and I thought I would warn you...

Why you ask? Well, I have started eating oatmeal. Please, before you run and hide under your desk, you must know that I really don't mean for the world to end. But, this is being typed by a person who has spent 32 yrs hating oatmeal. I'm pretty sure I have said the world would have to be ending, pigs flying, etc. before I would eat it again. The last time I ate it was 6th grade science camp. But I didn't really eat it, I took a bite and spit it out. I don't care how much brown sugar you put on that crap it just isn't good. NOT GOOD. Ethan had me try cream of wheat once and again, YUCK. So, how did this happen?

I was getting tired of cereal and started eating bagels again, but then looked at the calorie count. OMG. Ok, so those were out. I started the Yoplait yogurt 100 calorie again, but I've decided that aspartame is yucky. I have been against all fake sweeteners from the beginning but the 100 calorie lured me in....but no, I"m done. And I also think it gives me headaches. My mom told me about a maple brown sugar w/ pecan oatmeal that was good. Honestly, I laughed in her face but it was only 160 calories so I gave it a whirl....And......

IT WAS GOOD. I know, shocking. So shocking that I even bought the vanilla honey kind too. I think its Quaker Oats heart smart or all natural or something. They come in a box that has individual packets. Ryan even had some, and he hasn't had oatmeal since he was a baby.

Now, for the hair. Just by reading this sentence you are promising not to laugh or call your BFF and laugh at my double chins. You also cannot e-mail my blog link to everyone you know to start a laugh at Brandi campaign. I wish someone would teach me how to post pictures with captions. And the one of Ryan, well thats just plain cute. That is him getting ready for bed and putting socks on his hands...ofcourse.


Lizzie Fish said...

a) your hair looks GREAT and i didn't even notice what you might call double chins. which i think you are imagining.

b) ryan is ADORABLE!

c) to add captions, click around the photo until the cursor is on the bottom left-hand corner. space down and then click in the new space you made above the photo to enter your text. it's best to put in all your photos first and then text. =)

Our Family of Four said...

a. your hair DOES look FANTASTIC! I see what you mean with the pink color but it's slight and really, if you hadn't said it I wouldn't have noticed. Great cut - very flattering. Oh and double chin, what? You are nuts!

b. duh - too cute for words!

c. that sounds like a TON of work! I just type above or below the photo and set the type to "center" as opposed to adj. left. But loading first is definitely faster. Also you can drag the photos anywhere you want on the page and if you load them differently you can type to the right, left, in the foreground etc. Sorry, am I getting ahead of you?

Judy said...

You look great-love the hair!