Monday, February 25, 2008

Now I get it

The key to the new haircut is the flat iron. I never thought of that because a) my hair is as flat as it gets and b) i do not have the coordination for that kind of stuff. But, I tried and yes, makes a big difference. So, yay for me not burning myself.

Ryan slept 11 hrs last night :)

And, we need a new fridge. NEW being the operative word. This will be our first new fridge since, well, forever. When we got married we moved into a rental house. Our friends lived there and were buying a house so they hooked us up. Then we ended up buying the house across the street--totally unrelated. Anyway, they left their fridge for us and we paid them $200. It was old, but it worked. Please do not ask me why we have carted this $200 fridge that is probably worth $.50 back and forth from house to house, city to city. At one point I do believe we swapped that fridge for one Ethan found at his work that no one was using (maybe back in 2000) but when he brought it home I remember thinking, that looks just like the other one!!! Small, old, maybe from the 1980's. Small small small freezer. It hums, it chimes, it clicks and I have been wanting it to die for years, especially when we bought a brand new house in San Diego and I got all black appliances. But ofcourse we didn't need to buy a new fridge because ours worked. Ethan didn't care that it didn't match, or that there was so much room left in the fridge cut out area that we could have a party there.

In the last few months the clicks have been louder, and things start to freeze, especially liquids. Usually we can mess with the temperature dial and get it fixed. Usually, but not this time. And now I have the unfortunate task of telling my husband (frugle and thrifty and all those wonderful things that he is) that it really is time....not time to get another 18 cubic foot, but its time to upgrade. We're moving into the 90s....hopefully. I have to tell someone who just went way out of his comfort zone at Christmas and bought me beautiful diamond earrings that he swears he will be paying for the rest of his life, the same man who does our taxes and says we owe--I have to tell him I want to spend $1000 on a new fridge. Oh boy. And there is the small issue of size since we live in a rental and could possibly get a fridge that is too big for when we actually buy a house...and color. I prefer black-well I really prefer stainless but I know my limits-but i'm pretty sure my luck would be that every appliance in the house we buy will be the opposite of the fridge color I buy. Cuz thats how it goes.

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Our Family of Four said...

Hmmm, the flat iron is lost on me too. How does it make straight hair look better? More straight? Apparently I have special issues too!

As for the fridge, that's interesting. In VA you can't sell a house without appliances so that has never happened to me. Each house you inheritate the fridge from the person before. Which I suppose can be good or bad. We bought the nicest stainless steel fridge for our house in F'burg and there it sits. Now we are gonna sell that house so... goodbye fridge! I'd go with stainless. Tell the stingy man that it will go with ALL appliances, black or white, so when you get a house and slowly change the appliances it will always match and you won't bug him for another new fridge!