Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cleaning day

Again I am back at the old house for a day of cleaning. FUN. Ethan is taking care of the carpets, I have cleaned all the toilets/counters, and my sister is on the way to do the oven and bath tubs for me. Its 53 degrees in here and my hands are like ice. Other than that, we are good. We aren't scheduled to be out til the 31st so it will be nice to be done early.

On other fronts, we still have no TV or internet. You would not believe the run around I've gotten. After getting different explainations from the 800 customer service line and having another installer show up for an "appointment" to install only to discover we had no lines (duh) I had enough and went to the office to talk to an actual person--yes I did.

Person #1 was not helpful, just confirmed what the technician had told me Friday morning (the one that showed up for an appt no one seems to have scheduled) that we were scheduled for a construction crew to come the 24th--which was unacceptable. Then she informed me it would probably be another week before they would do the install and NO we could not schedule an install now thank you very much. As we were talking another lady asked for our info and got on the phone. As I walked out she called me back in.

Person #2 was awesome. She had a supervisor on the phone, told him my story, and told him I wasn't being rude or anything I was just trying to find out what was going on because I keep getting different stories (pending due to weather, have to shut off power to the whole street, blah blah blah). Then I also mentioned again that I would appreciate if they stopped sending technicians to my house. When she told the supervisor that another tech had showed up and no one knows why it was scheduled, nothing showed up on the computer so I mentioned that was a safety issue--they need to know where their techs are.

Then, almost like a Christmas miracle I got a call from the supervisor on Saturday saying he came out to the house personally and everything was ready, and that I have an install appt Monday. Yeah! What I don't quite understand is how he came out (saw him out the window and it was about 30 min) and fixed the problem without construction. I was told a line had to be run under the street from the main cable box to our house...maybe the first tech was wrong. Who knows. I just know we're back in business tomorrow and I can't wait! We did miss lots of shows because however Ethan left the Tivo/cable box here it didn't work. Sad. He missed ultimate fighter, poor guy.

As for Ryan, he still does not get out of bed, just calls for me around 11:30 and again around 4. I know it could be worse so I am dealing. Last night we were out of town at a Christmas party with my college friends and he fell asleep in the car around 9 and it was the first night he slept all night! We set up another night light with timer and he calls it his special light. I think its set around 6:00 (we need to push it back now that we know it works!) so he knows he is allowed to to get up if the light is on. Such a fantastic idea--thanks to my friend Jenn for that. She has used it with her two oldest girls. Soon we'll get him a clock but for right now the timer is totally working and we're rocking it.

I can't wait to catch up on everyone's blogs! This week I'll be working on making my downstairs presentable for company since we are hosting Christmas for my family, then Ethan's the next day. I believe all boxes are out from downstairs...upstairs is just another issue all together!

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