Monday, December 8, 2008


After all the drama, I got the keys to the house Friday evening. I took pictures this weekend but then my batteries died so that will have to wait. Friday was also the day I took Ryan to the doctor because he had the non-stop cough again, just like Halloween and I had a bad feeling about it. His ped didn't know we went to urgent care on Halloween, but we had been in the office in September for the same thing....3 months, 3 bouts of either bronchitis or a cold w/ asthmatic episodes. He oficially said he has asthma and we are no long in the "pre" stage. He should not be wheezing or coughing like that with a normal cold virus. Not sure if it was bronchitis or not but because the antibiotics worked last time, we got a super 3 day dose. We still have the liquid albuterol but it takes too long to work, like I used it Friday night because I didn't want to walk downstairs for the other inhaler and we were up for 2 hrs. One of those hours was spent wrestling with daddy in our bed. We have an inhaler for when he coughs and he is also supposed to start a preventative inhaler daily for a year. Ethan and I are researching to see if we want to start off that drastically or maybe do an every other day. We'll see. I'm going to find out about seeing an asthma specialist as well, just for peace of mind. The sleep has been CRAP over here, and though he is better, the inhaler seems to keep him up or not let him fall back asleep so he was in our bed AGAIN last night. He cries, he coughs, the wheezing starts.

We finally signed our moving papers last night and are scheduled for this Friday. Woo hoo. Then we accidentally booked the carpet cleaner and the cable guy at the same time. It was such a pain to get the cable scheduled that we are just gonna leave it alone. The carpet guy was such a great deal I don't want to mess with it either. Turns out I can't put the utilities in our name until the house closes because they want proof I own the house. Do people go around pretending to be other people and turning their utilities on and off? We should close today or tomorrow so I can do that, along with changing the locks.

I didn't want to change the locks until everything was oficially recorded with the county but also because the homeowner has few things to do. We are finding out more of the situation. Turns out the husband didn't really help much with the sale or move. The wife moved out a while ago and she has been doing this all herself, eventhough he kept living in the house. One of the things he left her to deal with was a bunch of oil in the storage. She found a company to remove it, they came and tested it, and because he mixed oil with other things they are charging her a ton to come remove it. She is also getting two windows fixed for us because of all the drama with the lawsuit against the builder. I'm giving her every opportunity to follow through on what she said she would do. Her marriage is ending, they had a business that closed due to the economy, not a happy situation. We also knew a faucet in the master was broken. Ethan spent the entire weekend trying to install a new faucet, it was broken, then realized the brand new sink they put in but didn't ever caulk or use had a leak. We ended up buying a new sink and faucet and we're trying to find out if she kept the receipt or something so we can get a credit. It really took Ethan all weekend. Just shows you how important those separate sinks are!

My dad painted Ryan's room. We realized in better light that the room had two shades of lavender. What we didn't realize was that the ceiling was also the light lavender. Oops. Surprise dad! Ethan went ahead and painted the ceiling so my dad wouldn't have to.

Just a lot of stuff, but I know it will be great when we are finally in. Baby update: the new nurse at the office tried to say i gained 10 lbs in a month. no f'ing way. i'lll say 5 or 6, but not 10. she definately took a long time trying to read the scale so i'm just gonna blame her. I got thrown the circumcision question as soon as my doctor found out it was a boy. That is so much pressure and I wasn't ready to deal with it yet, but because I'm having the baby in another city our ped doesn't go there so we'll have the on call ped so we would have to arrange for the circ separately, if our insurance even covers it. I just don't want to think about it. Let's see, next appt I get to do the dreaded drink the sugary drink yucky stuff which I failed with Ryan, and get my rhogam shot. Super fun.

As a tease, I took some photos at 22 wks in the same clothes I had with Ryan...they will be uploaded soon.


McCoyFamily said...

Glad u finally got the keys to ur new home:)

Judy said...

Wait-I'm confused. Didn't you close? How do you have keys if you haven't officially closed? I can't believe a utility company wants proof that you own it and WANT to pay...crazy I tell ya!

Anywho-CONGRATS again. Good luck on the glucose. =)

Kalyn said...

I just realized I never said Congrats.... in my mind I did- just not on Blogger! :) I am sooo happy for you all- the house, the new Baby boy... all of it. :)

Our Family of Four said...

Yeah for the Alger family!!!!

So - where are the photos?