Thursday, December 11, 2008


We finally closed on the house today. Luckily the sellers were kind enough to give us keys and let us start doing what we needed to do, or we wouldn't have been able to start until today. With everything that happened last week with the late disclosure it seems like it took forever. Then our lender decided to charge us $200 for not closing on time. We busted our butts to get there and sign documents, but turns out the sellers signed late in the day...blah blah blah. Our lender wouldn't fund and let title hold onto the money so they didn't fund til yesterday and we recorded today. Ethan let them know he wasn't impressed with that at all but its over so yeah! Now I can put the utilities in our name.

We've taken several loads of boxes over and most of my kitchen stuff is unpacked thanks to my mom. I had the carpets cleaned today and the cable guy came but our house had not been wired for cable. Apparently the builder didn't run the line because the homeowners said they were going to get satellite. Now they have to have a crew come out and run the line from the main box across the street to our house. Sounded like a major job but it doesn't cost us anything. I also got a tip from the guy about requesting a newer cable box so we won't have issues with the Tivo. Half the time it changes to channel 5 instead of 55, etc.

The movers come tomorrow between 9-11 to move all the furniture. We've got a lot to do tonight to clear the way for them and we should be sleeping at the new house tomorrow night. That will be Ryan's first night in his big boy bed. Probably not the best idea since he most likely won't get a nap and will be super cranky but we are not setting up the crib. I'm taking the bolts off and sending it in for the recall so he just needs to deal. We're still having sleep issues with him and I'm not sure what to do. A big part of the sleep program we used was letting him cry it out, which we can't really do with his asthma. Crying just starts a coughing fit. Cross your fingers that he adjusts well and loves his new bed. He hasn't even seen it yet. I'm hoping to have everything set up before he sees it. I got him a race car night light that I think he will love. It just seems like such a big deal, another milestone away from him not being a baby which I know he's not cuz he is 3 but still. I keep being reminded how big he is getting and it doesn't make me sad, I just realize it really doesn't last long. When you are in the thick of it and up all night and exhausted it seems like it will go on forever and then BAM they are 3 and pedaling a tricycle!


Lizzie Fish said...

i'll send that packet of stuff back...will you email me your NEW address??? congratulations! it's all going to work out fine! so excited! i love the first night sleeping in a new house! =)

Our Family of Four said...

My kids LOVED it when they got their "big kid beds". I'll cross my fingers Ryan thinks it's cool too!