Sunday, December 14, 2008

Disaster or not?

We are moved! I can't believe it only took 2 days. The movers took all the big stuff Friday, along with my dad's truck and Ethan's truck full of stuff. Saturday Ethan's dad came with a truck and trailer, plus his sister's truck and my dad's again and we're in. I'm actually standing at the island of the old house right now, its 50 degrees in here, but I HAD to check my e-mail. We still do not have cable/internet at the house. I will check with them tomorrow and see what that is about. Good thing I haven't missed a new episode of The Office. Our Tivo is still here, hopefully recording what it is should. Life without tv/internet is interesting. Its not like we have nothing to do...but you can only unpack for so long. Ethan is forcing Star Wars on me again and I fell asleep 2 nights in a row during Return of the Jedi. Hopefully we'll get the Wii plugged in today so we have something else to do at night because I'm not sure how much more Star Wars I can take.

Ryan was super excited when he saw his bed Friday afternoon. He actually napped at the old house in his crib because everything was already out of his room. My brother brought him over and he loved it. Bed time routine went fine, though it was later than it should have been which always makes him wake in the night. He slept for 2 hrs, then called for me. I just couldn't leave him alone the first night in a new house and a new bed. He never cried, just wanted to make sure we were there. Then he slept for 2 more hrs, then one hour, then 20 minutes. After the 5th or 6th time of getting up I told Ethan it was his turn. This was around 2:30. Then Ethan never came back. Ryan conned his daddy into sleeping with him. Needless to say yesterday we all were exhausted. Ryan took an early nap that he desperately needed (in his bed) with no problems. Last night we had him in bed, stories done at 8:00. He slept til 12, needed some reassurance, then slept again til 4...but was AWAKE at 5. Much better. Maybe I was expecting too much? What I can't get over is that he never got out of the bed, not once. It seems comical to me.

Well, its 11:30 and I should head back to the new house and see if my boys want some lunch. A shower would be nice too :)


Anna said...

Isabel did not get out of her big girl bed until well over a year of having it! And now she only does bc we are in a bigger place so she comes downstairs to find me & Luke most mornings. But at the smaller place she would yell for me to come for her and wouldn't leave her bed till I was there. Maybe its a comfort thing they have to get used to feeling safe getting out? Who knows. She still never has gotten out of it in the middle of the night which I am thankful for she will cry or call for us if she needs us in the middle of the night. I would prefer it that way then her coming to our room. For all I know she'll sneak into bed with us. he he.

Lizzie Fish said...

Carly started getting out as soon as she figured out she could, and then our challenge was to get her to stay in her room, but we worked it out. She gets out to go to the potty and usually goes right back. She has this giant jingly wreath on her door right now, so if it's too long between jingles, one of us will just remind her that it's the middle of the night and back she'll go.

I'm really glad your move has gone smoothly so far! Here's to quick internet and cable and no more Jedi 'nights.' So, so clever. =)

McCoyFamily said...

Congratulations on the move:)