Sunday, December 28, 2008

We survived!

It has been such a busy few weeks for us, so I was a bit amazed we survied all the holiday mayhem. Ethan's birthday was the 24th (I know). Then we had my entire family over on Christmas Day, Ethan's family on the 26th, went to Ethan's dad side of the family on the 27th, and to a hockey game today as part of Ethan's "12 dates of Christmas." Plus, my child took a 15 min nap in the car on the way to Ethan's dads house...but he fell asleep on the way home around 6:15 and because I bring pjs in just this type of situation it was all good. Well, except that he fell out of his bed for the first time last night, but other than that little hiccup he slept 12 hrs. SCORE. FYI: he has a bunk bed where the bottom bunk sticks out under the top bunk (he doesn't even know you can sleep on the top and has never seen the ladder thank you very much) and there are built in shelves/desk on each side, connected to the top so there is no room for even a bedrail. Do not ask me how he fell. I have solved the issue with a pillow. The $40 bed rail is somewhere in this house and I need to return it.

Ryan had a great Christmas as usual. I'm sure there will be pictures at some point. Why is downloading such an issue for me? Anyway, he slept in til 7:30 which is HUGE, then really wasn't interested in going downstairs but Ethan and I were ready so we convinced him. Santa got him a great new fishing game, some books, and new cooking things. He loves the Melissa and Doug pizza and a stacking hamburger game. The walkie talkies were a big hit, except he doesn't understand how to use them and then when the "grown ups" tried to use them they didn't work so they are going back. One of his major favs was bubbles for the bath, and 2 match box cars. This kid is so easy! Wall-E was exciting, but then he forgot about it so we haven't even watched it yet.

My family spoiled him. The super cool red remote control corvette is still popular around here, along with the slot cars. Poor Ryan wasn't allowed to play with them because daddy and uncle were playing with them. Ryan also got some "big brother" stuff, and a digital camera. The quality seems kinda yucky, but he loves it. My sister found this awesome fire truck that opens up into a little city and that gets a coveted spot on the couch. My sister in law is very creative. A few months ago she asked for family pictures of Ryan so I have been e-mailing her. She laminated them and turned them into a memory game.

Ethan is enjoying his new Wii games and the Wii fit. I will not play the fit because it tells you your thanks. It told Ethan he was obese (not even close) and that he was 38...he just turned 34 so that made him sad. Mr. Wii fit also said he had balance issues and asked if he fell down a lot, LOL. So, there is no way in hell I'll be getting on that thing until I've been on weight watchers for at least a year, had some lypo, and probably a boob reduction :) I jumped on the creative bandwagon and created a "12 dates of Christmas" for Ethan. He is super easy to buy for and wants a lot of stuff, except everything he wants is pricy. And then he tells me not to buy it. I know he wants a new computer, and hopefully that will happen soon. In the meantime, I put together 12 things for us to do together and I hope we can get it done before baby gets here. I found a car show nearby that I thought he would enjoy, but also added some things in there I would like too. So, we have a date to go to Build a Bear because we did that when I was pregnant with Ryan. I also wanted to go to a pottery place and make something for each of the boys rooms. Ofcourse there is dinner, movies, the hockey game we went to today, stuff like that.

I am super excited about the new comforter set for our room and all the new towels. I love soft towels. Ours are 9 yrs old! I should be commended that I still have towels that were wedding gifts. But they have been fraying for a while now and the new ones are yummy. My mom got me new bath mats and accessories as well. A massage is in my future and I cannot wait. My sister got me an awesome wallet and did I mention the amount of books I'll be able to get at Barnes & Noble? I'm a nerd, I like to read. A lot.

Now it is time to take down the tree and unpack more boxes. I like to extend Christmas and leave the house looking like a whirlwind hit it, but Ethan already moved everything to where its supposed to go. I like having my pile of gifts to look at. Oh well. Someone should take down the tree and the other decor. Oh, and write the New Years letter to send with our New Years cards that goes something like "hey we moved."


Anna said...

I'm glad you guys are settling into your new home and that Christmas went well. Happy New Year!

Lizzie Fish said...

The 12 Dates of Christmas! SO CUTE!

I'm glad you had a happy holiday!

Judy said...

Wow. I am exhausted reading about how busy you were! Crazy lady! It sounds like you all had a blast and I am glad to hear it.

I didn't see that Oprah (12 dates of Christmas) until yesterday and now I am thinking after reading your blog that I might have to copy that! SO cute.

Have a great New Year's and enjoy the new home.