Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Thanks for all the support about the gym class. I got my $ back, minus the fee from the first class, which is fair. I'm sure I could have raised a stink about it, but thats not me. We went to the first class and participated so we pay. Fair. I wish there was a Gymboree or Wee Start near us, but there isn't. I'll keep looking. And as for pics...I'm trying. I should also be known as "the mom who forgets her camera ALL THE TIME." And the pics from the phone are not good, but here is one from today at the park. It rained last night but who is the mommy that came prepared with a towel? You guessed, me. I knew there was no way Ryan would slide if there was any moisture. I also am adding another pic, this is of Ryan with my flip-flops on, and a funnel on his head. Can he rock the fashion or what? Except blogger just gave me an error...grrrrr.

So, I'm super irritated at myself because in the span of a week I put back on the 5-7lbs I had lost. It is all my fault, I know it. So, as my punishment I decided I have to do a full fledged blog about me and my weight issues. That will come tonight or tomorrow since we are approaching the one hour naptime and Ryan has decided that one hour is better than two. Let's hope its a phase. But to tide you guys over (all 4 of you), I will admit to the following:

*I weighed 105 in highschool and at times I have no idea how I got my current body
*I weighed 125 when I got married
*I weighed 140 when I got pregnant and 180 when I delivered
*7 weeks after delivery I was 150 and thought I was a rockstar cuz that meant i only had 10lbs to problem
*Problem--almost 2 yrs later I was still 150. Good that I maintained and not gained, but still no loss.
**In the past few months with my "half assed" diet I went from 152 (ok i gained a little when we moved) to my lowest of 145. As of this morning, I am back to 150 and PISSED AT MYSELF.

Ok. Can you just imagine the exciting reading that is coming your way? I can't leave it on this depressing note so I will think of a good thing: my dogs ate brownies yesterday and though I had to induce vomiting and it was so gross, they are FINE AND I LOVE THEM STILL.


liz said...

you induced your dogs to vomit? you are the best pet parent in the world.

and thanks for the pics! ryan is freaking adorable with the funnel! i love it!

Chelle, Mike, Max, and Maggie said...

Yeah I'm with Liz on the puking thing... I don't even want to know how you did that!

As far as weight goes... I'm right there with ya sister. Only, sadly, I haven't weighed 105 since I was about 12!