Saturday, October 20, 2007

My due date was 2 yrs ago TODAY

Thats me...3 days late.
Not like that means anything. I know due dates are estimations. I know that only about 3% of babies are born on their due dates. I'm sure its just a fluke thing. But still, I never (and I mean never) that I would be late. I'm not a late kind of person (well, I am now but I blame it on the kid--oh, and I was late to work but that was by choice). Anyway, I was supposed to be early. I'm a planner, a list maker, an organizer (though my house doesn't show it--don't judge). The nursery was ready, my bags were packed, and Ethan installed the infant carseat in September because he was paranoid we would forget it. I WAS READY.

I had a feeling that I would have Ryan on a date with a 5. So, Oct 5 or 15. I didn't even think about 25th because that would be late and I wasn't going to be late. I actually did have contractions on the night of the 15th, we even timed them for a while, but they eased up and I fell asleep. Other than some contractions at 30 weeks where I had to go to the ER and be exposed to numerous tests that I will not even discuss, those were the only contractions I ever had on my own.

So, October 21, 2005. 1 day late. I'm at the doctor. Ethan is with me. My mom and sister are visiting because, well, it was my due date and they thought I would miraculously have the baby then. I told them not to drive 7 hrs but they didn't listen. Its like they just wanted to stare at me and wait. Anyway, we are at the doctor and everything is fine, I'm as big as an elephant, and she says "I guess he's always going to be late for his dates." Not funny. Then she gives me the information about scheduling an induction, but it probably won't come to that. She takes out her trusty calendar and finds her next on-call day after 2 weeks. WTF? Excuse me. Did she say 2 weeks? Its already been 40 weeks. You're going to keep me pregnant for 2 more weeks. Are you insane? I think the tears were welling up. Honestly. Hadn't I done my job? I kept him inside and safe. I fed him. No alcohol--none. November 1st, here is the paper, call the hospital that morning, but ofcourse you're going to have it before then.

Now we are in an entirely different month. Its a change in astrological sign and birth stone. It is just too much to handle. Ethan mentions (at the urging of my mom) that family is here, could we maybe get something going now? Nope, no reason. Mommy and baby are healthy--if you count me having a silent anxiety attack as healthy. 2 more weeks is a lot more time to gain weight...and not sleep...and be uncomfortable...and pee every 2 seconds....and have no clothes that fit because the large maternity clothes are too tight. Sigh.

Ofcourse I get scheduled for an appt a few days later, because now I need to be monitored even more closely. Gotta check the fluids and what not. These are all the more traumatic because (don't read if you are squimish) I tend to be a bleeder. There was a huge sticker on my chart so everyone knew. So, the constant exams were not pleasant. Nor was it pleasant to keep hearing there wasn't much of a change. Nor was it pleasant for the doc to say I was 1cm and the nurse practitioner to say I was at least 2, going on 3. Then I asked abou the mucous plug (cuz I watch too much baby tv) and was told it was already gone. Guess I missed that train. There was a time I was 100% effaced and still nothing. NOTHING. Everytime I left they would schedule me an appt for 2-3 days later, and I would get the same comment "I'm sure you won't make it that long." OFCOURSE I WOULD. Even the girl that schedules the appts had pity in her eyes when I walked up to her counter. She saw me almost every day at the end.

Then, at some point, I resigned myself to the induction. My family could be there. No midnight phone calls and them rushing to get here. But I also knew that all the stuff I learned in lamaze was pretty much out the door because once the induction was started I was stuck in bed. No sitting on my yoga ball or walking around. Oh..and lets not forget the 25% incrased chance of a c-section that someone forgot to mention.

Finally, Oct 31, 2005, my last appt. My family was driving down that day. Halloween was a Monday, so I hadn't been to the doc since Friday and they were checking my fluids very regularly. That day was busy, and I can't remember all of it, except there was some sort of problem. Either there wasn't a lot of baby movement and they kept moving me around on the machine, or they had a hard time measuring the fluids...both had happened before. I just remember thinking "Just freakin send me across the street and let's get this done!" Nope. See you tomorrow.

I thought for sure I would go into labor in the middle of the night, just to buck the system a little, but this really wasn't up to me was it? Maybe that was the lesson. Ryan was calling the shots...well, half of them, cuz who knows how long he would have stayed in there without some intervention!

So, you've still got a few weeks til Ryan's birth day post.


Chelle, Mike, Max, and Maggie said...

Loook at that belly! I love it and I loved it when I had it. I must admit I loved being pregnant so much I have never understood the people who say... "I just want this baby outta me".

liz said...

I have a lot to say!

a) no WAY do i get out of my bed three seconds before i have to. notice how the alarm is set almost an hour and a half before i managed to kick myself into gear?

b) pumpkin pie and vanilla cupcake are on sale at bed bath and beyond right now! yummmm.

c) at least there is no inducing dog barf followed by mangled paws.

d) awww, thanks.

e) I LOVE the mom said dad said. there is no way on this planet or any other that paul would ever ever do that - so it's superfun to read your posts.

that is all. =)